Friday, December 05, 2008

What a Hectic time

It has certainly been a very Hectic 4 weeks for me. First I had to fly to Vegas to take care of my mom for 10 days. That was a little difficult for me because I know she can do pretty much everything. She has just choosen not to do anything at all. That's too much to swallow really. I mean she won't even clean out a coffee cup. She would rather it just pile up in the sink. I even had to fight with her to shower. She has just gotten sooooo lazy that it is driving me and everyone else crazy. Believe me, she is fully capable of doing these things, she just doesn't want to. If she could get someone else to go to the bathroom for her that would be icing on the cake. I swear, it was like dealing with a 5 year old. She would do the pee pee dance, because she would wait til the last minute.
After my wonderful time in Vegas, which I really didn't get to do much while I was there, except my sister and I did plan an early Thanksgiving Dinner (1 week early) for everyone. Mainly because my kids (Jonathon and Shannon) were having a nervous breakdown due to the fact that my sister was not going to be there for Thanksgiving. So we had it early. It was very nice. I flew home Friday night, getting in at 11pm and my sister flew in getting here on Saturday at 8:30am!

My sister, her husband and my niece were going to here for 12 days! It was nice and thank goodness the weather held up for them. My sister can not do cold! This trip was a birthday present for my niece. She wanted to see the Thanksgiving Parade. It was the most perfect day weather wise for all of us. I don't remember exactly how I got roped into going, but yes, I did go. I can honestly say that it is a true experience that I'm glad I will have to do again! Did I mention that I came from the parade and still did Thanksgiving Dinner! Yeah, Crazy, I know. It was really nice though. The crowds were a little crazy, and to be honest, I just didn't think there were enough floats and balloons this year. I think it just might be me, but it lacked some pizazz. So I have ton's of photos from the parade for you.

Of course the next day was black Friday, and I have tell you that again I was disappointed. Nothing really great out there this year. Circuit City was a complete bust. Apparently the store near my home is one that is closing down and was not honoring the sale prices, plus didn't even open until 7am. People were lined up, 100's of them outside waiting to get in, and as fast as they went into the store we were coming right out. It was a bust. My sister and I were home by 8am! I've done almost all my shopping on-line and its already here! Next year, I'm staying home and doing it from the computer. No need to be out of the house at 4am.
Well this is long enough for today. Hopefully, I will get myself on here more often, but wrestling season has just begun! Looking forward to spending my Friday Nights and all day Saturdays in a smelly gym. lol. Hope everyone has a great weekend.