Monday, October 27, 2008


I was tagged the other day by my friend Heather . This is my first chance to get around to posting it.

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(You can be my facts can be random and or weird!)

1. I think most of you already know this little fact- I love WRESTLING! Not that crap that is on TV. I'm talking about Scholastic Wrestling which includes Middle School, High School, College and Freestyle and Greco-Roman Wrestling (which is done in the Olympics).

2. I just love CHOCOLATE! My favorite candy is M&M's plain. They have been my favorite candy since I was a little girl.

3. I really don't like cold weather. I could be in warm weather all year round. I just love it as long as it is dry. NO HUMIDITY!

4. I know this might sound a little crazy, but I just LOVE my hair! I know most people hate their own hair, but I love mine. I love my curls!!!! I wouldn't trade them for anything. I also only dry my hair straight probably 2 times a year and that is when I go to the salon for a really good cut and she beg's me to dry it straight.

5. I do not like to clean. I do it, but I really don't like it. I really could use a maid in this house. I think this stem's from early childhood. I was the oldest child of 5 and of course a girl so I was expected to do everything starting at a very young age. I remember doing the dishes at 5 and cleaning the bathroom at about 7. Let's not even go into when I started doing laundry.

6. Did I every mention I really don't like my house? Well, I don't! We moved into this pit almost 10 years ago, because we were desperate at the time for a place to live and this place was available and the right price. After about 4 years of just renting this thing, the landlord wanted to sell because she was moving to CT with her sister (she is now 87 years old) and of course offered it to us. My dh couldn't wait to jump on it! Oh.. did I mention we were already trying to move the heck out of here to NV and looked at houses there. Ohhh.. so he decided to buy this thing without telling me! Everything in his name! She actually had to hold the mortgage because this house should actually be ripped down!! That is how bad it is and to be honest no bank would give a mortgage. Ok.. thanks for letting me vent all that.

7. I enjoy working with pre-schoolers so much, that I've recently decided to go to school for early childhood developement. I'm just getting all my paperwork done and hopefully be able to start some classes for the spring.

So there you have it. I'm not going to pick 7 people because I think most of the people that I would've picked have already done this or have been tagged already. So if you would like to par take in the fun.. have at it!

Friday, October 24, 2008

TGI Friday

It's Friday! I made it through another boring week of doing pretty much nothing. I'm going to have to find something to do part-time real soon or I'm going to go CRAZY! I don't like sitting at home twiddling my thumbs.

I've been going to the library about 3 times a week and of course the chiropractor at least 2 times a week. This, just to get out of the house. I've even been doing a family tree to try to occupy my time. It's not really working that well, but I have found some interesting data on family members that I did not know.

I'm going to also apply to the local school district. They are in urgent need of school aides. I usually enjoy the younger kids, but who knows now. It's been year's since I've done anything like that. Our school district now requires you to list 3 personal references and you must also submit 5 recommendation letters. I think 5 letters is just a little too much, don't you? We will see what happens. I hope something pop's up soon though.

Ok... as usual, I've got to get Joseph up and moving. Yes, he is still making me nuts! I don't know what to do with this kid. I'm just crossing my finger's that something wake's him up soon.
I hope everyone has a Fabulous Friday!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

You're not going to believe this...

but I actually scrapped last night. It seemed to take me forever, but I did it. I have been trying to do a layout for the past few weeks using a photo of my 2 sisters, my parents, me, and my nephew. It's not a bad photo, but you know how you just can't take one element in a photo and get past it. That is what happened to me. My sister Kelly is wearing a shirt that just screams "HELP" every time I look at it. I was even thinking about cutting her out of the photo (since she is on the end), but decided that would be bad since her son is in the photo with us. BTW-she is the one all the way on the left of the photo and I know it is hard to see but the shirt is pink and white stripes! Any who... I muddled through and got a layout "almost" done, just needs journaling added and then that is it! So here it is without the Journaling.The first one is with a flash and the 2nd is no flash.On another note, did anyone watch Dancing with the Stars last night? I was actually happy that Cloris Leachman is still in it. She looks awesome at 82! I can only hope that I look and move like she is at that age. I'm having trouble now and I'm 1/2 her age! I really don't know what ABC was thinking about doing an hour of recap (from the night before). It was boring and I have to tell I was going to turn it off, but DJ was still watching. I was like "I taped House for this crap!".

It's Wednesday and I have Clean Sweep plans again with my sister-in-law. Hopefully she doesn't cancel again. I'll keep you posted. It also means Private Practice is on and so is Dirty, Sexy, Money. Love those 2 shows.
Well, I've got to get moving here. Hope everyone has a Wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So at 3am this morning I woke up with a throbing tootheache. It is not a severe pain, but that annoying throbing kind of pain. I guess it's going to have to happen. A call to the dentist today. I'm hoping someone can fit me in today. I've been putting this off for so long that it was bound to hit me back. I know that it is wrong to do that, but I have a major fear of the dentist for the past 18 years. Before that, NO FEAR! Now my heart starts racing the minute I walk in the door.
Ok, I managed to take a few photos of the lo's I did at the crop on Sunday. They are not the best photo's I've taken of lo's, but I wanted you all to see that I actually did something. I will have to take them again when I can find my board that I usually lean them up against. These lo's are all using photo's from when I was in Vegas in May with my best friend and of course my family. I just have a little journaling to do on the first one. I even got my Cricut out and played with it. I can't believe that I made that flower at the bottom with it using Bazzil paper. I just love that background paper and the quote block. I just layered flowers on top of each other and took some ribbon, made a knot in the end and threaded it through the holes of the flowers, secure to the back of the last flower. Waaaaa laaaaa!
The second I don't know if I'm journaling on it or not. If I used my head and really thought about it I could've made a hidden pocket under a photo for my journaling, but again I was not thinking.
This one I really like. It was pretty simple to do. This photo is not great and the lighting was terrible in the dining room when I took it so you have a blue light in one of the photos. It also came out a little darker than it really is. I'll update with new photos hopefully by the end of the week.
Well, that is it for me right now. Keeping my fingers crossed to get back on here tomorrow.
Hope everyone has a Terrific Tuesday!

Monday, October 20, 2008


but beautiful weekend here on Long Island. The sun was shining, but it was pretty cold and windy. I guess fall finally creeped its way here. It's funny, because on Thursday it was around 75 here. People were walking around in shorts and tank tops. That is why everyone is getting sick.

Anyway, I never made it over to crop on Friday because I was still not feeling well. I did however make it there yesterday and boy am I glad I did! It was so nice to see everyone. I know this is going to be alarming, but I actually got some work done also! I was able to get 4 lo's done. I am pretty sure that is a record for me. Later on that night I just did some little embellishments on them and they are complete. I will try to take some photo's of them today and post them tomorrow. I think they came out pretty nice.

I just remembered that I never posted the photo's of the card's that I made a week or so ago, so here they are. This was tons of fun even though apparently I'm perfectionist (NOT), I seemed to take forever to get these cards done. We made 3 of each card style, which was really nice.

This first one is my favorite I think. Please remember.. I'm not a stamper in any way, but I do have to say I really enjoy doing it lately.
This "monster"green card is very cute and when I was taking the photo's of these I forgot to take a picture of the inside. It has a very cute dangling spider with googly eyes hiding in there.
Next was this wonderful "Thanksgiving" card.
And then we finished it off with this wonderful little card that could be an everyday type of card.
Lots of fun! Well, I've got to get myself moving here today. I seem to be in slow motion lately. I will try to get back on later or tomorrow and post my lo's!
Hope everyone has a Marvelous Monday!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Sick, Sick, Sick!

Ok, so you may have guessed, I'm SICK! Tuesday, I woke up with a slight sore throat. It seemed to get better during the day. Then Wednesday, pretty much the same thing, except that once the evening creeped upon me I seemed to be feeling worse. It was really allergy symptoms more than a sore throat. Thursday morning I woke up and my head felt like it weighed 100 lbs. and my jaw felt like someone punched all night long there. I went to the doctor (had an appt. to get clearance for an endoscopy, which of course is not going to happen now) and he diagnosed severe sinus infection and double ear infection. Lovely! So I came home after picking Joseph up at school and went right to bed! I pretty much stayed there the rest of the night. I do feel a little better today (thanks to the Z-pack antibiotic) and I'm sure tomorrow I will feel almost like brand new!

Since I was not feeling well yesterday (and today) there was NO Clean Sweep at my dear sister-in-law's. We are now going to have to wait until Wednesday to attempt this again. I was also going to a crop tonight, but I cancelled that. I felt since I usually feel worse in the evening that it wouldn't even be worth it to me to go. I will go on Sunday.

I have no other plans, but resting for the next few days. Hope everyone has a Fabulous Friday and Wonderful Weekend.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm Back!

It has been some time since I've been on. I was doing so well there for awhile, but then my mother board fried. I had to get a new one and have everything updated. So, it's been almost 2 full weeks without a computer. I have to say that this house is quite boring without it. It is amazing how much we all look forward to getting on here. I did part of my "A Week in my Life" and I am hoping to get it all finished by this weekend. I'm going to another crop.

Now we already know what happens to me when I go to a crop. I pretty much get nothing done. I'm hoping that this weekend will prove to be different. This will probably be one of my last crops since Wrestling season is creeping upon me.

For those of you that check in here and follow what is going on in my crazy life, we did very well with our concession stand raising almost $1,200. for the wrestling team. I am voting to earmark most of that money to go towards the summer wrestling camp to bring down the cost for each kid that attends. I know that it is not a lot of money, but it will help. Who know's I might just make those boy's do a car wash or two also this year.

Let's see, Joseph is still being Joseph. Today when I picked him up from school I asked him if he went to every single class and of course he said "YES". Well.... as I got here just a few mins. ago. I got an email from his English teacher stating that Joseph was NOT in class today. I think I'm going to have to give up on this kid. If anyone knows of a good bootcamp program or something let me know. Right now he is outside with Danny ripping down the motor to the Mustang. I was going to say something to him right away, but I figured that would only get him all pissy and then Danny would be left out there all by himself tonight doing this thing. I'll mention it to him in an hour when they come in. Why should everyone be aggravated because of Joseph right now.

Today, as usual, my dad called me. This time to report that he had to take my mom to the hospital. She is pretty sick and has a lot of fluid in her lungs. So they are keeping her for a while. Need I say she still has not quit smoking and won't use the oxygen tank. Enough said!

Other news.... Yesterday was Danny's Birthday! Yeah... the BIG 51! Boy it just seems like yesterday that he was 25 and I was 19! Good Golly! I've been with him that long? What was I thinking, lol. Of course, it doesn't feel that way any more, now I feel like I'm 80! Life goes on.

Well everyone, I'm so happy to be back and hopefully I will be able to keep up with everything. Now I'm off to try to catch up on a few of your blogs! Can't wait to see what I've missed.
As usual, I hope everyone has a Terrific Thursday!

Friday, October 03, 2008

Yep... It's Day 4

I've made it to Day 4! Hooray! Some days I have more going on then others. Today was a hectic day so far. I got up a little later than normal. It was very chilly out this morning. I think it was below 50! So of course I didn't want to get out of my warm bed, but I did. Managed to get a cup of tea going for me and the pot of coffee up for Danny.

Then, about 9am I got Joseph up for school. He didn't want me to drive him to school, so I seriously doubt that he made it there today. He left the house before 9:40am and doesn't have to be at school until 10:30. He was definately up to something, but at this point I turning and looking the other way. He is going to dig himself in a deep hole and then there will be no where for him to go. I, unfortunately, have to cut away from this kid. I can't continue to make myself sick over what this kid is doing (or not doing I should say).

At 10:30am, Danny and I left to go to BJ's Warehouse. It's like a Costco. I had to get everything for this tournament that is on Sunday. Going to that place on a Saturday is just insane, so we decided to go today instead. Lets just say 16 cases of Gatorade, 8 cases of water, 10 cases of soda, 5 cases of Sunny D, 150 hot dogs, 4 lbs of butter, 6 lbs of cream cheese, 8 boxes of candy, case of popcorn, 2 cases of the jumbo pretzels, 160 hot dog rolls, 110 hero rolls, cups, bowls, napkins, plates, 2 cans of cheese sauce, 5 huge bags of tostitos, ketchup, mustard, 2 cans of coffee, and 4 dz. muffins. I think that is pretty much everything. It takes Danny's pickup and my Explorer to get everything. We were finished in there by 1pm and of course Danny had to stop to eat something. Then we drove home.

I pull into the driveway and Lacey (the dog) is already whimpering at the window, because she missed us so much. I rush in to greet her and then play around with her that I forget what time it is. I forgot to get Joseph. Of course I was 7 min's late and guess what???? He was NO where to be found! I drove around the area and into the town for 25 mins looking for this kid. I seriously doubt that he went to school today. I will see come Monday. He is already grounded! It doesn't even make sense to me.

Well... I still have a few things to get done. I really need to go to the Chiropractor. I need that adjustment! And then I have to figure out what to do for dinner here. Good Golly does it every end?
Hope you all have a Fabulous Friday! Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

It's Day 3

Ok... I'm on a roll, sorta speak. I've made it to Day 3 of "A week in my Life". Yesterday was actually quite boring. I really didn't do a darn thing. I can't even say that I did any real cleaning in this house. I've been quite tired lately and yesterday was such a dreary day that I took 2 little cat naps. Not like me at all.

Here's hoping that today will be a little more productive. I've got some running around to do after I web cam with my sister this morning. It is very unusual for us to web cam during the week, but since I'm not working anymore and she is off today we are able to.

I've got to go to the UPS Store this morning, then off to the High School to drop off some papers to the Coach. I also need to stop off at the grocery store for a few minor items and then I also have a dr's appt at 2 today. This should be good. Maybe my "week in my life" won't be so boring after all!

I've also decided to try another challenge (what am I thinking), like this one wasn't enough for me. So I was on 2peas general scrapping board and came across a post from Miss M. It was for a challenge from Stacey-Altogether Too Happy: Challenge: Give Yourself a Present! It looks interesting and something that I might be able to manage since I haven't been able to manage anything scrapbook related in some time now.

So I'm off to document some stuff and hopefully I will post some photos from yesterday.
Hope you all have a Terrific Thursday.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Wednesday Day 2

Heck, I made it through day 1! hip hip hooray! The sad thing is that I really don't have much to do today except maybe clean this dirty house (which I really don't want to do, lol). So, hopefully, something will pop up that might be a little more exciting then yesterdays day.

So, yesterday I did manage to color my hair. It takes all my strength to do this. First, I have pretty long hair, even though it really doesn't look like it because I always have it pulled up. Second, it is darn thick and Third it is hard to make sure I get all the roots especially in the back of my head. I just hope for the best. Yesterday I really didn't care if I got them all as long as the front wasn't gray anymore. Somedays I wish there was a gray haircolor. I just want to end it, but it wouldn't help because I'm only gray really in the front and right down the middle of the top of my head.

Yesterday, I was baking a cake and screwed up the entire thing, but my screw up actually came out pretty good. Danny has now called the cake a Chocolate Crumb Lava Cake. Don't ask, I don't know where he got that from. He couldn't wait to dive right into it.We had some really strong thunder and lightening very early this morning. They started about 2am, but no rain until about 3:30am. You know I know this because my back was killing most of the early morning and I couldn't sleep. Finally at about 3:30am I got up and took some Tylenol and finally fell back to sleep about 5:30am. Because of this, I really didn't get up this morning until about 7:45am that is pretty late for me. I hate when that happens because I tired all day long now.

Ok... I'm off to start my day. Hope everyone has a Wacky Wednesday!