Thursday, February 05, 2009


So as promised I will post a photo of my hair in it's curly state. This is the way it will look pretty much all the time since I do not blow dry or use a brush! I know it's weird but I don't. For really curly hair the brush just breaks the hair and then causes it to frizz. I pretty much use a wide tooth comb in the shower while the conditioner is sitting in it. I will go and have it blown straight maybe 2 times a year or for something special event (maybe) I am one of those weird people.... I really LOVE my curly hair. This has been another busy week here. I've been going to school Mondays and Wednesdays for 3 1/2 hours a night. Now I've added another evening to the mix for my medical terminology and coding course. The good thing is it gets me away from this bunch of crazies! Look at them.... this what they do about every 30 mins. They pose in front of a mirror or take photos of themselves.

DJ is getting pretty excitied about going into this bodybuilding competition in June. I think he has a really good chance of winning or at least placing! He has been great at keeping Joseph motivated and excited about going to the gym and I'm seeing some drastic results now.

We found out yesterday that Joseph passed 2 of the 4 state tests that he took last week. He passed the writing and reading. Now he is going to try again in June for the US History and Global History. He failed the Global by only 6 points! That really stinks. I have to say that he really tried hard this time.

Tuesday, it snowed the entire day. It started at about 7am and just continued with a wonderful light snow pretty much until 10pm. We accumalated about 4 inches of the fluffy white stuff, which of course ended up freezing to everything because the temps dropped down to 20 degrees. The main roads are pretty good but the side ones are like a sheet of ice. I took out my trusty "broken" camera and got a few shots.

As for today, I have a doctors appointment at noon and then making dinner. Tonight the wrestlers about 13 of them asked me to bleach their hair for Leagues which is this Saturday. If you follow my blog you might remember the past two years of me doing this. The boys originally called me and asked if I would do it, but they really wanted to do it on Wednesday and of course I couldn't due to school. So the one kid called all the boys and told them that they had to change the night to tonight so I could be there. Wasn't that sweet of them, lol. It is a fun evening with these boys all sitting together with bleach on their heads and who is trying to scratch their heads and them taking bets as to who's hair is going to come out the blondiest. Their a bunch of nuts!

So I'm off to have some breakfast and check out some of your blogs and play catch up this morning. Hope you all have a Terrific Thursday!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Superbowl Sunday

To be honest with you I do not follow this sport at all anymore. When I was younger, yes, I did. Since the age of about 22 I completely lost interest in it along with a few other sports that use to follow like hockey, and baseball. Now I only follow scholastic wrestling and I'm still a big fan of tennis. I can't play either to save my life, but I truly enjoy them both.

Speaking of Tennis... Did anyone watch the Austrialian Open? Thank goodness for DVR and then ESPN for the repeat coverage during our hours. Last night (or today since Austrialia is 16 hours ahead of us) was the men's finals. What a battle! I could not believe that Nadal won over Federer. Nadal just has gotten so much better with each match he plays in. As for the Women's finals... Serena Williams walked away with this title over Danaria Safina. It was a pretty easy final for Serena.

On to Wrestling. DJ was coaching a group of the Kid Wrestlers today in a tournament. I decided to show up and take some photos of the boys on the mat. It was so cute to see the little guys sparing on the mats. It's not like the older guys. The little ones don't really give up and seem to fight to the bitter end. My High School team this year has a few kids that would prefer not to use their energy. The minute they get turned on their backs they stop fighting to get out of that position and seem to just give up.

Here is a photo of DJ coaching along with a few of the other coaches for the team. He's all the way on the left
Now the 2 peas challenge for today is: Describe a color in one word (without using the color's name)...... JUICY This is a great challenge. I like to think of things like this.