Thursday, November 30, 2006

5 Things I enjoyed today

I am posting early. It is only Thursday here, ugh. and this is the 2 peas Friday challenge: list 5 things you enjoyed today. Well being that I have not gotten to Friday yet , these are the things that I enjoyed Thursday. lol

1. That I actually woke up this morning.

2. I enjoyed my first cup of coffee this morning.
3. I enjoyed a 45 min. nap this afternoon (really needed that).
4. I received a wonderful phone call from a new wrestling mom.
5. Talked with my sister Tracy this afternoon.
The rest of my day was pretty stinky, lol. These were the only 5 things so far today that I actually enjoyed. So sad,,, (boooo whoooo).
On another note..... I went to pick up my glasses! ugh... I went to the eye doctor about 10 days ago and apparently I'm almost blind in my left eye. This really does stink! I've had almost perfect vision most of my life and I did notice that in the last, say,,, 5 months it getting worse. So here is a wonderful photo of my new glasses that I just can't use to wearing and I get a headache after wearing them for about 30 mins. This is going to take some time I see.. (pun,,)

Ok everyone, Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Yours, Mine and Ours

Ok peas, I think we may have done this challenge before, but I like it so I will do it again! My all time Favorite Holiday Movie is.......... Yours, Mine and Ours. This is the one with Henry Fonda, Lucille Ball, and Tim Matheson. I just love this movie. Last year I finally found it on the shelves of Best Buy and bought it for my self. My kids were like what the heck are we watching? I just told them they didn't have to watch, they have a freakin TV in their own rooms.... GET OUT and don't bother me during my movie, what brats I have, lol.
I know there are a few new movies in the theatres now. I want to see the one with Danny DeVito and Matthew Broderick. That one looks too funny. I did go see the Santa Clause 3 the other day. It was ok, not as good as the others. Martin Short was funny as usual.
Here is another layout I was able to get done. Still working on that CJ that needs to get out this week. It is almost done, just some embellishments need to be put on.

This one again, is of Andre' Agassi ( I hope this is not the same one that I posted yesterday, I think I'm losing my mind) at the US OPEN 2006. The journaling reads: This is the face of Andre' Agassi. To most people he is just another tennis player, but to me he is a tennis LEGEND! His FACE, his SMILE, and his tennis GREATNESS have been exciting us for 20 years. This year Danny and I were determined to get to the Open, we had to see him, even if we had to watch from the courtyard on the big screen outside. This was one of the most thrilling matches I've seen. I was on the edge of my seat hoping that he would win this and he did. Being at the US Open at that moment is one of the highlights of my life and I will never forget it.
Of course these photos are from the big screen in the court yard. I can't believe how great they came out. Well, off to do some more laundry, take a shower, go to work(ugh), do more laundry, get ready for my parents meeting with my wrestling parents and my body sculpting class (which I don't think is really working, lol). Have a Great Day.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy

Well, this is a very busy time of year for me. Not only with the holidays here, but so is WRESTLING season! Wrestling is my life from November-March full time and then its part-time until August. I just love this sport. I know a lot of people really don't get it and don't like it at all, but I'm one of those crazy people out there that do love it. Since I'm President of the Wrestling Booster Club, I've very involved in what is going on. Tomorrow night we (the coaches) having are mandatory parent meeting. I will be happy if just half the parents show. Most of the parents don't show up for this at all and then have the nerve to complain that they didn't know what was going on. Those are the people that urk me! Those people will also be the ones that will tell me that didn't have a clue that we were hosting the biggest event this year Leagues. I am really looking forward to this even though it is 3 weeks after our own tournament and it is tons of hard work. I do depend on the parents to help out with these 2 events. I hope that it will be as wonderful as our tournament last year.
Ok, as stated yesterday, I was able to get some layouts done. Here is another one for you.

This is one of tennis great Andre' Agassi! I just love him. Danny and I were so happy that we got to go to the Open this year and watch a ton of awesome tennis. These pictures are (believe it or not) from the HUGE screen outside the arena by the food courts. I think they came out pretty good.
Ok, I really wanted to make this short and sweet today, lol. I hope everyone has a TERRIFIC Tuesday!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I had a very hectic one. No one special came over, it was just dh and the kids, but it was just crazy it seemed.
Did anyone go shopping on Friday???? I know I was up and out at the mall by 5am! Yes, I was one of those crazy people out there. I did notice that there were way more people out at that time then normal on Black Friday. I have been doing this for over 16 years and the lines were just insane no matter what store you went into. I would normally go to Walmart then off to JC Penneys and then jump in the car and head over to Circuit City.This year I did not do Walmart and went right to JC's and I could not believe the people! The same thing when I got over to Circuit City. And Circuit City didn't even have anything I wanted! I was shocked! I usually spend at least 200.00 in there on Black Friday and this time I only spent 24.00!
I also was able to get a little scrapbooking done this week since I did not have any work. yeah!!! finally.

This is a layout of the men in my life that still live at home! lol I really like how the black and white photos look against the bright colors. I will try to post more tomorrow. Got to get to work now. Don't want to be late.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I've been bad

Ok, I've been a very bad blogger the last week. Things got crazy at work and then all my Dr. appts made me crazy. I had to tell my boss last week that I can not work my normal 6 hr days due to a medical problem (yes, another one) and my dr really doesn't want me to work at all right now but I really need to for finanical reasons. So I talked my dr. into letting me work at least 4 hrs a day. My boss was pretty good with it, but decided to keep me in my position and give someone else the opportunity to do all my prep work in the mornings for me. This is where it got crazy! He asked me to discuss the opportunity with the other 2 women who normal work 4 hour shifts and see which one would like to come in early. Of course the older woman (68) said right away.. ohhhh... I'll do it! What do I have to do? So, I explained to her what needed to be done in the morning before I got there. The very first thing out of her mouth was (I kid you not) "Well,,,, I don't want everyone to be mad at me when I don't get this stuff all done" I almost fell on the ground. She want's this because the other woman (younger) really needs the money, she is a single mom and for some weird reason thinks everyone is out for her job! On that note,,, I left the building and called my boss and told him that all hell broke loose again with her. Ok... changing the subject.
I have not done any scrapbooking and that really ticks me off. I have a CJ that I would like to have in the mail by Saturday. Of course I would've had it all done by now, but complications arose with the person who sent it to me. I only got it 5 days ago and should've gotten it like November 3rd! So,,, yeah I'm behind.
Other than that I really don't have much more to report. I will try to be a better blogger. Ok.. I'm off... I have to go for my monthly infusion. Have a great day!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hmmmm, Who do I look like?

Ok... here is todays version of my celebrity matches! I still can't believe that popped up with Al Pacino as a match for me.. I'm not sure I like that, lol I really don't think I look anything like Al Pacino. Bette Midler ok.. maybe... but Pacino.
BTW... Did I mention that it is another crappy day! The last 3-4 days have been on the warm side but rainy and windy. My body is starting to go into flair up mode. That means that all my arthritis' and muscle diseases' are going crazy and giving me pain.
Ok enough about me today, lol... The 2peas challenge: Do you send out Christmas cards or letters? what are you doing this year?? Blog about it.. handmade or store bought? ..... I still send out cards. I love getting them ready. It does take me time to sign them especially when I'm not feeling well. I will doing store bought this year, mainly because my hands just can't make them any more. Hope everyone has an awesome day!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Could this be true??

I am not too sure about this. But it is kind of funny. I can't believe that it didn't add my photo. I used one from the other day with my hair straight! good gosh... I also tried it with one of my fav photos with my hair like normal.. (I think it might even be my aviatar photo on 2 peas..) and guess what? It came up that I matched several men! including Al Pacino! Wholy crap! I look more like a male I guess. I will try to post that one
2peas challenge:What's a trip you took as a child that you will always remember. and why??? blog about it. I guess mine would be my Senior class trip. There were about 80 kids (out of 325 seniors) that decided to go on this trip. It was a cruise to the Bahamas! 7 days, 6 nights. All we did was party and suntan. We did go to a few Reggae clubs also. Lots of site seeing. It was just beautiful. Of course I was far from a young child I was 17 at the time.

Thinking about??

This will be another short post! I just don't have time, but I want to update. I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was wet, ugh!
2peas challenge:What handmade gifts are you thinking of giving this year? Well, I am going to attempt to do a photo collage for my parents and I'm also going to do a bunch of altered baby food jars for my sister which will contain lots of scrapbook embellies. I'm also doing an altered clock for my husband for his shop! I might also try to fit in a few fleece blankets, which everyone loves. I really haven't decided on much more than that right now.
Oh well I have to run now. So much to do and sooooo little time.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

I am giving myself 30 lashes! I've been a bad blogger. I just haven't had the time to even breath most of the time. Shoot.... Life happens, right? I am already feeling the wonderful pressure of Wrestling season and it basically starts tomorrow. Just trying to get everything in order is making me crazy this year. My son DJ just informed me that 75 boys signed up for the High School team! That is the largest amount of boys our school has had in probably over 25 years! The coaches are saying that is in part because of my Kid Wrestling program. I heard on Friday that the Middle School has about 65 boys on the team and that is also one of the largest in a very long time. I hope this year we will be one of the top teams in our League. The coaches seem to think that we will probably be in 2nd this year if not first! That really makes me happy. I've been busy getting all my letters ready for the parents and trying to figure out dates for my parents meeting and mom's night out!
On another note...... I have decided that I really would like to do a "ME" album. I really don't know what to do with it, but thought it would be nice. The other day my daughter Shannon said "Mom,,,, I just got a new hair iron! Can I iron your hair straight?" Now I really love my curls and pretty much never have my hair straight. Its really too curly and I can't do it. So I gave in and told her to do it. Ugh... I really did come out nice. So afterwards I decided to take a few self photos. Warning... I'm not very good at taking my own photo, lol

I'm thinking of using one of these in my "ME" album. Boy... I'm really getting old looking, lol. Oh.. well...
I've also been trying to catch up on some of my scrapbooking. I was able to finish up 3 layouts last night and hopefully I will take photos today and get them posted here tomorrow. I guess that is it for me right now. I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Roof Above Me

2peas challenge for today:Let's talk about the place you live in, right now, tonite, this moment. What do you love about it? What do you hate about it? This is a very touchy subject with me. DH and I (along with 4 kids) moved into this house about 8 years out of pure desparate need for a home at the time. I hated this house the moment I laid eyes on it. Danny just loved it and the kids well.... couldn't wait to get out of it. It was known as the "Little Red House on the Block". This house was too small. Had only 1 bathroom (which it still has only 1 bathroom). No closets! NONE No storage space. The rooms are all soooo small. I didn't want to stay, but we really couldn't afford anything else. So we stayed. 2years ago the landlord asked if we would buy the house and she would hold the mortage. I did not want to buy this freakin house and Danny went behind my back and bought it by himself. ugh... so I am stuck in this house for 2 years more that I really didn't want to be. Since he bought the house, he has sided the front which I really like, and we re-did the living/dining rooms walls and floors. Everything is the same size.. Still don't like it...but its all I have right now.. Danny also built a huge a 2 car garage this summer. Looks wonderful.. (I think the garage is bigger than the whole house, lol) Here are some pics.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Boy It's Cold Outside

Baby, it's cold outside is what I think of when I just look out there and there is ice on the car windows. ugh..... Where did the fall season go to? I, certainly am not ready for winter. I just don't like that season anymore. It's always too cold for me not (now that I'm old and decrepit, lol). I'm going to have to start hitting the tanning salon early this year!
This weekend was somewhat productive for me. Finally got a couple of layouts done! The first one is of my son DJ doing what he seems to do best, lol! I couldn't wait to scrap these photos!

The next one is of my daughter Shannon and her bf Steven. You can tell they were having a great time out on the boat this summer. This layout was my first time using black and white photos! I think it came out ok.Oh well... I guess I better get myself moving here. It is late already. Have a great day everyone.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Busy Friday

Today will be another short post. I have so much going on today, my head is already spinning. Thanks everyon for the wonderful comments yesterday. I think my daughter is BEAUTIFUL also, and she did look cute in that costume, lol.
As usual, I have work at 8:30am-2:15pm. Then I have to rush home pick up DJ so he can get fitted for his new Knee brace (he had his entire knee redone in June,ACL,MCL, miniscus,ouch), that appointment is 3pm. Then come home get something together for dinner and then I'm going out with some of the wrestling moms! We really look forward to this night. We are going to Applebee's . It's fun and loud... like us :-)! Hopefully I will be able to update and take some good photos!
Well... I finally scanned the layout for the cj that I was working on.It is for the Whirled Peas CJ group. The theme for this cj is The Sound Track of Your Life. It was fun to do, but a little hard. There are so many songs that have meaning to my life. Its hard to break it down to 18. Now that I'm thinking about it... I may have already posted this like over the weekend. Ohhhh well.. here it is again for those he didnt get a peak.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Short and Sweet

Today I will have to be short and sweet. I have very little time this for anything. These are just a few photos of my dd and her boyfriend from Halloween.... I just don't know what she see's in him , lol (he is actually a great guy)

2peas challenge: Describe your Dream Date. To be honest with you .... I don't know if I could. I've been married for 24 years!lol... but if I could have a dream date, hmmmm I would like to go someplace fun. I don't like fancy,romantic restaurants too much. Give me excitement,and fun around every corner. I love to take a walk on the beach. Just spending time alone.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Novemeber

Yesterday was just a beautiful day! I was so happy for the little ones that the wind gusts stop and it warmed up here to about 64! Just very pleasant. Even with the warm weather we had very few trick or treaters. Every year we get less. I think we had a total of about 30 or so kids. That is horrible especially in this neighborhood. I remember the blocks being full of kids with their parents waiting in the street. I think about 4 years ago is when it started to really slow here. And forget it... No treaters after 7:30pm. Ohhh.. did I mention that I have a whole Tupperware "Thats a Bowl" full of candy still. I told my dh that I don't know if I want to even be home next year. I know that is sad, and I'm sure I will be here, but it just seems like a lot of work for nothing anymore.
I was able to take some photos of my daughter and her boyfriends handy work decorations outside. Some of them are really dark. This is the scary clown that was greeting our treaters last night as you walked up to the porch.

The next 2 are of the front yard-grave yard.
Here is a little surprise when you get up to the door, lolBelieve it or not that is all the photos that blogger will let me load right now, so tomorrow I will try to post more. I have some good ones of my dd in her costume. Too cute. (ok she is 20, she just still wants to have fun)