Thursday, November 29, 2007


2 peas challenge for today: What's one skill you've wanted but don't have? Wow, this is a great question and a very difficult one for me. There are sooooo many things that I've wanted but don't have. The list could take me forever. I would have to say that the one skill that I wish I was really good at would have to be ORGANIZATION! I really stink at it! I have crap everywhere. Of course I know where it all is, but it is everywhere. I'm less organizied at home. When it comes to wrestling and work (when I worked) I was pretty organized with that stuff. Unfortunately, my home is not. I really hate it that I don't have a home that is neat and organizied, but I don't have a lot of space and NO closets or storage space in this house. So everything is left out in the open and it all looks horrible.

I keep saying that I should apply for that show Clean Sweep and let them come in and do some magic. It would be amazing to see what they would do to help my situation. Plus, they usually do 2 rooms in the house! Yahoo.... I would pick my basement and .... my bedroom! It would be a lot of work. Both rooms are cluttered with tons of stuff. Oh well... a girl can dream, can't she!

Let's see... nothing else is really going on. The cold weather has come in and I'm sure I mentioned in the past that I really don't like cold weather. It just makes my days more difficult. I tried to do some on-line shopping the last few days, but nothing jumped out at me. I think I only got my boys the extra remote for the Wii. I still need to get Jonathon and Shannon gift cards and mail them. I would love to be done by December 8. That is my plan. Other than that, everything else here is pretty quite. I hope everyone has a great day!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Ok, I know that most of you have started your holiday shopping. I for one started a while ago! I started to pick up CD's and DVD's months ago that the kids and dh were asking for. I had a stock pile of stuff! I have to say that I'm pretty much finished. I did the major bulk on Black Friday and now I only have a few minor things to get and gift cards (which I always save for last, you can get them anytime). I also did some shopping on-line yesterday. I was able to get a few small things that I missed out on, on Friday.

The boys are very funny. They are at an age that they know the things that they are asking for are very expensive and since dh is not working it is very difficult. So each of them listed like 4-5 things.

Here is Joseph's list: Guitar Hero 2 or 3 for PS2, a video rocker chair, GPS (I had to laugh, he doesn't have a car, lol), and the Wii.
This is what he got so far: Guitar Hero 3 with 2 guitars for PS2, the video rocker, Zune 30gb, videos, cds, clothes, and the Wii (which will be shared, because DJ had that on his list also).

DJ's list: Wii, Golf game for the Wii, Bourne Ultimatium DVD, and Vitergo CGL (a weight lifting supplement), and Red Hot Chili Peppers cd.
This is what he got so far: The Wii (see above), Bourne Ultimatium, other dvds, Red Hot Chili Peppers cd, Vitergo CGL, clothes, cell phone, golf game for Wii.

The other 2 are getting AMEX gift cards. Its just easier and this way they can just go and get what they need or want.

That is it for me. I can't wait to be done. I would like to have everything done by the end of next week. That is when wrestling season kicks it up into high gear! Then I have no time for much of anything.

How are your shopping plans going? Tell me about it.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Ohhh Boy!

Well, things here have been a little crazy! This wonderful called a computer decided to CRASH on me. Just crazy. I pretty much lost everything and it took days for it to be fixed.

When the kid fixed everything... he decided to upgrade it for me to Vista! I have to say.... I really don't like it and I'm about ready to call him and tell him that I want it downgraded back to XP even though he said it runs on XP. Now I'm sure I've said this many times before.... I don't have a clue about anything with computers! Also, he lost a program that I use all the time. So he will be coming back to find it!

Thanksgiving here was pretty boring! I did all the cooking (of course). It was only Danny, DJ, Joseph and me this year. Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter are the holidays that I wish I was in Las Vegas with the rest of my family. Then there is Black Friday, which is a big thing in my family. I go all by myself! My mom and sisters go together! We call each other, but it's different with a 3 hour time difference. This year I had to get my sister to buy a few of the items that I couldn't get here. Like the Wii, Guitar Hero III with 2 guitars and the Zune! We love AMEX! especially when its daddys, lol. I have to say that I'm pretty much done with DJ and Joseph and I only have to get Danny one more thing. As for Jonathon and Shannon its going to be AMEX gift cards. I only need to get my dad and my niece and nephew who are all getting gift cards. Then I'm done with the exception of Laceys gifts.

Other than that.... nothing much is going on here. I gave my kids and dh my Xmas list and they all lol. They have some nerve. I really didn't ask for anything outrageous. I have a very simple list. I need a new pair of cushionie slippers, warm gloves, I would love the Xyron 510 or 900 (I would be happy with either), and my own camera (dh keeps taking mine and now it works like crap, plus I can never find it. He keeps locking it up in the garage!). So that is pretty much my list! I think its pretty reasonable, what do you think?

Oh well,,,, that is it for me today. I hope everyone has a great day.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Yes, I'm sorry to say that I've been Missing In Action. The weather here this week just made my RA flair up so bad I couldn't even sit at the computer really to get anything done. Pretty much all I've done is sleep during the day since dh seems to think it is funny to wake me up at 2am lately just to annoy me and once I'm up I can't get back to sleep. Lately, I'm not liking him much.

Shannon made it across the country just fine. She got a job the day she got there. I'm so proud of her. She is going to be just fine. As for Steven (ex-bf) I'm not so sure. He is having a very difficult time with all this. He was here last night almost in tears over the whole thing. I really do hope he starts to grow up a little and hopefully they are able to work things out. I know they love each other, but she is just tired of him being a teenager wanna be. She is growing and he is stuck in time. Whatever will be , will be.

Of course this is my hectic time of the year. Wrestling just started and as most of you know I'm still doing the team mom thing even though none of my kids are on the team. I am training someone to take over for next year though. There is so much to do this year and I'm hoping that I stay healthy this year so I can get it all done. The coaches had a parent meeting the other night and the one coach was like Lynn can no longer be called a Team Mom since she doesn't have any kids on the team so now we will just call her a Team Groupie. Most of the parents were like "Coach, she will always be the Team MOM" I think that was so nice of those parents. I think that is because none of them want the responiblity of keeping this team all together. Oh well, as long as I'm here I will continue to be a part of this team.

Nothing else is really going on here. I am getting my list ready for my Black Friday shopping spree. I hope to have most of my shopping done by the end of that night! I am not going crazy this year (can't afford to), but I am getting everyone the main thing on their list.

Ok... at least the sun is shinning this morning. I hope it continues to shine the entire day. I'm tired of looking out side and it is awful gray and dark and looking like snow or rain. I hope everyone has a terrific weekend.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Yes... Shannon is at the airport as I type this. She is awaiting her flight to Las Vegas to start on her new life. I think this is going to be great for her. She was very emotional last night and this morning. I have a to get a box or two so I can send everything that she left behind that she could not fit in her luggage.

Steven (the boyfriend/ex-bf) was driving her to the airport this morning. She was not thrilled with him this morning to say the least. He didn't want to get up. Almost like he wanted her to miss the flight, which was pissing the hell out of her. We are pretty lucky that the airport she was going out of is only about 15 mins away from the house. He acted like he has never been there and wanted her to write down directions. Hello.... you are only driving on 2 roads the entire time! You can't get lost.

Well, lets see.... nothing else is really going on here. Pretty much the same ole' crap just a different day to be honest. Yesterday it looked like it was going to snow, but never did and today it is looking pretty much the same way. This is not going to be good for me I can tell. The Remicaid has not kicked in.

2peas challenge for today: I spend a lot of time online because... I usually am trying to avoid doing something that needs to be done. Like clean the bathroom or cook dinner! Or I'm just not motivated to do anything else and don't want to sit and watch tv or read a book. I've become very boring in my old age I think. I just can't be bothered somedays to do anything even get on here.

Alrighty then.....on that note, I'm getting off here. Hope everyone has a great day!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Flylady, Fly!

Well.... it is fastly getting to be that time of year again. I don't know about you, but I do get somewhat frazzled with everything going on. I mean really! how am I suppose to clean, cook, shop, get gifts, scrapbook, work drive everyone (ok... just Joseph), decorate and do wrestling all at the same time! It just can't be done I say. Well maybe it can,,, just not by a sane person, which of course I am not!

So here is a little secret. I've joined a long time, but fell off the wagon. Its now time to jump back on this horse (or fly) and get myself organized and clean. She is very inspirational and has it down let me tell you. When I'm doing it her way... my house never looked so good. So I'm recruiting all the kids (ok, DJ and Joseph since Shannon leaves in 4 days) and DH to get themselves back to helping me out. I mean really, it's their house also. I can't even get DJ to get the garbage to the curb on garbage days even after I remind him, I swear.

Well, Flylady has a great check list Cruising Through The Holidays really a good thing. Go check it out and you will be flying through the holidays with no worries. Also, if you join Flylady, she will send you emails throughtout the day as reminders. I have to be honest..... I have not done one Flylady mission in months! That is why my house and the rest of me is a mess.

She also has a book that she wrote: The title is Sink Reflections and you can get it here- FlyLady’s Gifts and Gift Ideas Check out her website Your personal online coach to help you gain control of your house and home She is really great and let me tell you if you want a great featherduster her's is the one to get! I bought it for my sister and she will never use anything else. I should get one for me.

Ohhh well.... I guess I should be flying out of here right now. Have ton's to do again today. I hope you all have a Fun Friday!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Favorite Quote

Todays 2 peas challenge is: Find a quotation that moves you and write it down. Why does it move you?
My quote is:
You never stand so tall as when you stoop to help a child.
I have loved this quote for over 24 years. I saw this when I moved up here from FL. It is on a huge sign (smaller than a billboard) on the side of a main road. The sign is surrounded by trees. I thought that it was weird that this sign was sitting on the side of road near the cementeries, but no matter how many times I go past it, I have to slow down and get the whole effect of it and read it slowly to myself.
I'm not really sure why it moved me.... maybe because I was a fairly new mom when I first saw it and it really made me think... you know to a child we are tall and strong. When a child needs help with something and we bend over to help them... guess what? We are STILL TALL! we've just come down to their level to help them out. That is what a child sees. A giant helping them.
Well that is my take on my favorite quote. I can't wait to read others.
Today, there is alot going on. I have work, plus I really need to clean this house a little and then I have my 4-5 hours of Remicaid infusion. I am really hoping that the Remicaid kicks in this time around. It really didn't do a thing last month to be honest. I go back to the dr. next week and I know he is going to take me off it if it doesn't work this time around.
Other than that, that is really it. Not sure I could any more than that today anyway.
Hope everyone has a Great Thursday.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

More Halloween

Ok.... I know it has taken me awhile to get this on here, but lately it's been a process. So here we go just some more photos of Halloween.

The first few are Joseph carving his pumpkin (finally). I think he did a great job on it. His pumpkin was very big also. Almost as large as DJ's.
I also did another pumpkin so Joseph wouldn't feel all alone (which he should've since he ditched us all the night before to hang out with friends). Now, Shannon decided to dress up as a clown for Halloween while working at the deli since a bunch of kids were going there from the "Make a Wish" Foundation. She thought it would be cute to be a clown. I have to say she looked pretty good, but she also looked a scary. I didn't get to see her until she came home that day from work and it was funny because she soon realized that alot of people (adults) are afraid of clowns! Who knew? Oh well like I say... Live and Learn.

Then she changed for a party that night into her Dorothy costume. She looked very cute. DJ was joining her there, but decided to go as himself...... a bodybuilder. He just kills me!
Well... thats really it for me today, I have work and need to get my behind moving here.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Earliest Memories

2 peas challenge for today: What is your earliest memory? Why has it stayed with you? Wow this is another great question. I remember being 4 years old and having to wear a patch over my right eye and also having to wear these baby blue & glitter cats eye glasses. I don't know why I remember that, maybe because it seemed to be very tramatic for a 4 year old to have to go through. I'm not really sure which was worse... the patch or the glasses. Apparently, it worked... because I only needed to wear them for about a year or so and then no glasses for me until just recently.

Saturday, November 03, 2007


2 peas challenge for today: What does creativity mean to you? Wow! This is an incredible question for today. What does creativity mean? There are so many ways to be creative. So here are a few that pop to mind right now.
1. Creativity is in the mind of the beholder (everyone is creative in one way or another)
2. To produce something (anything) that can be admired by the creator and others
3. To think outside of the box (try something you might not or have never thought to try before)
4. Do what you love!
5. Create what you feel not what others want you to feel
6. Use your imagination
Everyone is different and create in different ways. Like ... take my kids... I have Jonathon who is very creative in writing. He can write just wonderfully. Then you have Shannon who has a very good eye for color and clothing design. Oh then you've got DJ he is the archetech. He can design awesome buildings and homes. Now lets not forget Joseph... he is wonderful at drawing and designing modes of transportation. He just loves drawing vehicles, motorcyles and planes. He also loves to give them awesome paint jobs. Each one is creative in their own way. That is what makes them unique.
Well... thats it for me today. I hope everyone has a Super Saturday!

Friday, November 02, 2007

It's Friday!

Well as some of you may have noticed I haven't been on here the past 2 days. Just so much going on and I've been in some pain the last few days, which only means we are going to be getting some kind of storm. It has been pretty bad where almost every bone is hurting me. I'm not sure that the Remicaid is actually working this time. This is not good. I'm almost ready to hop on the plane with Shannon in 12 days and get out of here for a week or so. The only problem is Danny is such a baby and gets pissed off when I go during school. He doesn't really care if I go and Joseph is off. He doesn't know how to handle Joseph and get him up for school. This of course limits me to when I can actually go.

Lets see .... what else is going on here. Nothing really. I do have pictures somewhere that I want to load up of Halloween and more of the pumpkin carving. I have to say we did not have many trick-or-treaters this year. I didn't think we would due to it being on a Wednesday, but it just seems like we get less and less every year.

Ok... thats it for me today hope everyone has a Fantastic Friday!