Monday, July 31, 2006

I Can't Remember

Here it is Monday again. I swear the weekend went by sooooooo fast that I could not remember that today was Monday! I hate when that happens. This only means that my whole week is going to be off.
I really can't wait for my kids to go back to school. It is like the minute August comes around they are bored out of their minds and don't know what to do with themselves. You know when they go back to school you stay on track with your days also. I like it also, because believe it or not I'm busier when they are in school. I love all the activity.
Nothing really going on here today. It is going to be another HHH so I may soak up some rays today. I did finish 2 lo's that I hope to post later or tomorrow. I might try to get 2 more done today.
2peas challenge:What helps you get through Mondays? Well, I think 2 peas helps me get through most Mondays. I love getting on the message board to see what everyone is doing.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

A Day for Scrappin

As I posted yesterday, I went to a crop yesterday. It included 5 five ladies from 2 peas. Me, Vikki, Melissa, Heather and Christina. We held it at Your Happy Place in E. Northport. If you've never been there and you are in the area check them out. Debbie and Dawn were absolutely WONDERFUL! We are going to make this a monthly meet, which I'm very happy about. It was very interesting for me since it was my very first crop. Those ladies are very talented! I can't wait to be as good as them.
I have a few lo's that I did and actually was able to scan this morning so far. These are for a small album that I'm putting together for one of my senior wrestlers who is going off to college and keeps bugging me for the 2nd set of pictures that I have of him (he lost the 1st set). So I decided that if I put them in an album he won't be able to lose that quickly.

He is the kid in the green/black. He is a pretty good wrestler. He took 1st place in almost every meet and tournament. He took 4th in the Counties. I wish him so much luck, joy, happiness in all his years to come. He is a good kid. A character, but a good kid.
I have 2 other lo's done also, just didn't get to take pic's of them and upload yet. Maybe that will be something to do later on today.
2 peas challenge: What is your favorite restaurant and what makes it great? My favorite restaurant is not even open any more... boooo whooo. It was a little hole in the wall place that was the best. Its name was Mangano's and it had the best Italian dinners in the world. People actually drove 30-45 mins for take out! Thank goodness the most I ever had drive to get their dinners was 15 mins. Plus, the owner and his son were the nicest people you could meet. I miss them terribly. Now that they are gone, I really don't have a favorite place to go. I do enjoy going to this other little Italian place called Spanos (owned by Greeks, very nice also). Their food is not as good as Mangano's but it is close and you get nice portions which is good for my husband.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Cropping Saturday

Good morning. Well it is going to be another HHH (hazy,hot & humid) day here on Long Island. Yesterday, I did some housecleaning that just needed to be done.
Today I'm pretty excited! I'm going to my very first crop! There are some ladies on 2 peas that actually live on Long Island and a while ago I posted if anyone knew of a place or wanted to get together for a crop. This one lady Heather decided to try to organize something and got in touch with this fairly new scrapbooking store on the North Shore (Your Happy Place) and asked if we can hold our crop there. They were happy to help! So it is today from 12-6. I just can't wait. I don't really know what to expect when I get there. The only places to shop on the South Shore is M's and J's. I also can't wait to use all their great machines and punches. Since I'm still pretty new at this, I really have not invested in a bunch of stuff yet. So this will be something for me to talk about tomorrow.
Yesterday, Sofia was so kind to post a challenge and I just never got back here to do it.
2peas challenge for Friday: What were you like in High School? Hmmm... I would have to say that I was a tough kid in High School. No one ever picked on me or my friends. I could get right in your face if I had to. And I didn't care if you were a girl or a boy. I was nice until you pissed me off. I was in the "in between" crowd. I was on the softball team and the drill team. I did not do clubs too much. I think I did the Art club 2 years.
I think I'm about the same as I was then. I don't let anyone try to pull one over me. I usually stand my ground. If you get nasty with me... watch out because your getting it back 3 fold. I am very nice, loving person until you piss me off.
Well hope everyone has a Peaceful Day!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Another Hot One.

It is still pretty hazy, hot and humid here on Long Island. I don't care for the humidity. Give me the HOT, but not humid.
Yesterday was a pretty hectic day. Did my walk as I posted yesterday, and my situps. Then went to the car ins. company to get insurance on my motorcycle! Had to wait, which I was not upset about, but I had already called them with all the info and they told me that it would be ready. So I get there and the receptionist asked my name and I told her. She went into the back and told the lady, Luz, that I was there. Well, Luz then tells her (mind you I can hear them) to tell me that she needs a check for 475.00. The comes out to tell me and I'm like what could possibly be 475.00? Luz told me over the phone only 15 mins. ago that it was 121.00. So this poor girl (now caught in the middle) goes back to Luz and asks for me, (remember I can still hear them). Luz now has an attitude. Tells the girl, well 252.00 if for her other bike and 121.00 for this bike and I really don't know what the other money is for, but tell her to make the check out to us. The poor girl comes back to tell me. I say to her... You know what ask Luz to come out. Now she really has an attitude ( I guess because she had to get up). I just nicely ask what is all the extra money for? She says, well you next payment on the other bike is going to be due on Aug 7th so I thought you were going to pay for that now. I was like who the Hell are you to assume that I didn't already send out a payment and then have the nerve to add it onto something else. Needless to say she didn't really like that. I was like I just want to pay for this bike right now! So she comes up with a # $174.00. So I say what is the extra 53.00 for? She then tells me that she is not sure but I guess they are charging you 53.00 for the 9 days that are left on your policy for this year. I was like... You've got to be kidding me! It costs me 121.00 for the full year and then they want to charge me 53.00 for 9 freaking days! I think that is insane. Then she changes her tune (I guess she realized that didn't sound right after she said it). Then she is like ohhh ... I think it is 26.00 for the 9 days and then they added an addition fee to the policy. I was so mad, that I just wrote a check for 174.00 just to get away from her. I was afraid I might jump over the counter and hurt her. I don't remember the last time someone got to me like that. Grabbed my ins. cards for the motorcycle and left.
I get home... and guess what???? How did you guess? Yep.. I was informed by my daughter that there is a hissing sound coming from my tire! Yep... a hole in my tire! So now I've got to get a new tire. My daughters boyfriend went with me to his cousins shop where I ended up getting 2 new back tires. FUN! I really lucked out that we went when we did. The tires for my truck can cost anywhere from 90-150. He had 2 tires that he ordered by mistake and just wanted to get rid of them..... ok.. can you say SALE! Yep.. I got both tires for a wonderful $50.00! I could not believe it! YIPPEE!
Now that the tires are changed. I'm going to relax for about 30 mins. I've been going since 6am. Well my wonderful son DJ asks if he can now take my truck to go to the gym. I was like NO! He got mad, but I still needed to get over to DMV to register the motorcycle. So I tried to relax for 15 mins, then drove him to the gym and went to DMV where I waited for over 90 mins for my # to be called. Once up to the counter everything went smoothly. The bike has a new plate on it and registered!
Believe it or not, it is now about 4pm! Yes I said 4pm. Still have no idea whats for dinner. So, I hop in the truck and go grocery shopping. I've got to tell you, when it is hot and humid I really don't like to cook. Maybe BBQ but nothing inside if possible. So it was going to be a sandwich night. I just couldn't even bare the thought of standing in front of the BBQ.
I was doing laundry during the day also.. and well.... the dryer stops working! Now I've got to go to the laundry mat to dry! I hate that. Can't wait to get that fixed. When it is hot and humid the last place you want to be is in the laundry mat! lol
So, that was my pretty hectic day yesterday with a few other little things added in. This morning I did my walk 2 1/4 miles. I have not done any situps today yet. I hurt my neck yesterday and I'm not sure I want to aggravate it.
Today, I really don't have anything planned out. Just a few little errands and that is really it.
I hope everyone has a Wonderful day!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Heck its Hot out there

I really don't even know where to begin today. I really should start with yesterday since I didn't get to blog at all.
Yesterday was the "BIG" road trip to Boston with my friend who needed a driving partner and I got sucked in. It is a long drive! It is about 4 hrs there and turn around and drive back another 4 hrs, ugh. It was very HOT yesterday and she informs me when I get in the truck that her air is not working! Need I say "HOT,HOT,HOT". Oh and I'm sure I mentioned in previous posts that she had to take her 4 yr old with us.
Ok.... So I get up at at 4:15am take a shower,dress, blowdry the hair a little and get myself ready for her to pick me up at 5:30. Well, she didn't show up until 6am. Then we had to stop so she could get some coffee and her daughter needed donuts. Ok.. we finally get on the road. Drive through Long Island, Queens, now going through the Bronx, getting over the Throgs Neck and her daughter decides she is hungry and wants to stop for breakfast. We were like we are not stopping until we get 1/2 through CT. She got a little mad and then I reminded her she has donuts. So that held her off. She was pretty good for most of the ride. Which is really good for her. Sometimes (most of the time) she is very bratty.
The whole ride, no problems. The minute we get to the exit for Boston we get lost! I swear. I'm not sure if we took the wrong fork at the exit or what. So it took us and extra 10 mins to find where we needed to be. We got there that is what matters most. Now the boys had called and wanted to know how long we were going to be and we told them about 10-15 mins. They were like ok.. we are going to start to bring down our stuff then. We pull up, and they are not there and neither is their stuff. So she calls them and they say they are coming down. I go to look for them as they are coming down and the 2 of them are walking down EMPTY handed! I was like "What the heck is your stuff?" They replied that it was still upstairs. So I say, "Well what the heck are you waiting for, me?" They laughed. I then said, "Go get all your stuff you lazy brats and lets get going!" I could not believe it. They both were expecting my friend and I to carry their stuff down from the dorm to the car. I don't what these 17 year olds are thinking sometimes. I swear.
Now the trip back was just TONS of fun. The 4 yr old is tired and getting a little cranky by now. Did I mention, still no nap for her. It is about 11:30am. The boys start to aggravate her, especially her brother Craig. It was getting a little out of hand and we didn't even get out of Boston yet and still had 4 hrs to drive. I said to myself, I will never take that trip with her again!
We finally got back home about 4:30pm. I could not wait to get out of the truck. I was sweating from head to toe. It was freaking HOT! That was pretty much my day yesterday.
Today, I got up and did my 2 mile walk, I did 260 sit-ups (trying to add some everyday), made the coffee, put up a load of laundry and now trying to catch up with you guys. I really need to finish cleaning this house today and finish the laundry. For those of you who read my last post.... I did about 10 things on my list that day. Not too bad, I guess.
Now for the 2peas challenge: We usually will go to the beach either by boat or take the 4x4 right on the beach. If not... then I will just blast the a/c and relax watching a movie.
Hope everyone has a GREAT day.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Too much to do, so little time

Well, here we are its Tuesday. I have tons to do today and hoping I will be able to get through 1/2 my list.
To Do List
1. Walk 2 miles
2. Do at least 200 sit-ups
3. Sweep the floors
4. Vaccum the rugs
5. Write on my blog
6. Check out 2peas
7. Take Joseph to the dr.
8. Make my dr. appt's.
9. Clean the stove/oven
10. Do laundry
11. Call mom & dad
12. Go grocery shopping (cupboard is empty)
13. Return the kids movies
14. Figure out something for dinner
I'm sure that there are tons of other stuff that really need to be done, but can't think of them right this second. I am happy to say that I have finished the first 5 things on my list already! yeah! Now to work on the other 9.
Tomorrow morning I am taking the ride to Boston with my friend (she didn't want to drive the 3 1/2 hrs by herself) to pick up her son and friend from wrestling camp. I don't know how I got roped into this trip, but it will be nice to get away from my house and kids for the day. We are leaving here at 5:45am. So that means no walk for us in the morning. Maybe I will be able to get it in later in the evening. I hate to miss a day. Heck sometimes your body needs a rest for a day. This will be a very interesting trip going there. She is taking her 4 year old with us! I think it is too long for a 4 year old in the car. Her husband is staying home tomorrow, but won't take care of the kid. I think that is wrong. I personally think her husband can be an idiot sometimes, but that is me, and most husbands are idiots sometimes. Anyway..... It should be interesting. I'm sure I'll talk about it tomorrow night.
2peas challenge: What is your favorite new CHA item or pp line? I really like the Basic Grey! Just love the use of colors.
Hope everyone has a TERRIFIC day.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Let the Sunshine!

Here it is Monday again! The beginning of a new week. At least the sun is finally shining here, that is a plus for us. I've already gone for my walk this morning and done my sit-ups (still don't see any results, ugh). Sitting here, having a cup of coffee (my first of the day) and deciding what time I will just say..... "heck with the house today, I'm going to soak up some rays".
I really don't have much to report from yesterday. I was not feeling well due to all the rain that we have had it caught up with me and my r/a. I was pretty swollen the whole day and in alot of pain so I did nothing the whole day.
2peas challenge: what is your biggest fear? Hmmmm.... I don't know what my biggest fear is. I guess it would have to be of dying. I fear that I will never get to see my children get married. I fear that I will never get to see or hold a grandchild. I think that might be it. I never really thought about too much because I live for each day since I almost died 14 years ago.
Hope everyone has a Wonderful day!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

It's Sunday

Well here we are at the end of our weekend. I pretty much did nothing this weekend. I really shouldn't say that. I did manage to do some scrapbooking and of course my walks every morning. The weather on the east coast has not been great the last 4-5 days! The last really nice, sunny day was I believe last Tuesday. It has been very gray, gloomy, and boy has it rained every day since then.
The kids, as you may have guessed, are bored to death. My son DJ has been sitting around just watching movies all day long and when he isn't doing that he has gone to the gym to work out. This kid is getting HUGE! Two days ago, my 3 kids (that still live here) were taking pictures of their muscles! It was the funniest thing. I can't wait to develope the pictures to do some scrap lo's of them. The first two pictues are DJ. They took better pictures also.. I just can't find what folder they put them. KIDS!

This next picture is of Joseph he is so funny! He is finally getting a growth spurt! About time that is for sure. He is 15 and weighs only 96 lbs soaking wet! He is just about 5' 1", but boy he is strong as an ox.
Now the boys make me laugh but I wish I could find the pictures that have my daughter also. I may have to edit or update later. Then of course you have to add my husband to the mix. I would post the pictures, but I don't want anyone to go into shock! lol. I have to say.. He still doesn't look bad. He was a bodybuilder many, many years ago. He even did weighlifting competions. But as we all know... with age the body starts to go. It is still cute to see him with the kids posing and flexing his muscles.
2peas challenge for today: What is one scrapbook item that you don't have that you are dying for? Since I'm still fairly new to the whole world of scrapbooking, I don't really have a lot items. So I would really love a die cutting machine (with a bunch of dies) a larger trimmer, the decorative trimmer (the one that does swells and waves) Shoot there are soooooooo many things that I want. I don't have the time to list everything. But that is just a few of the things that I would like to get within the next month or so.
Hope everyone has a Terrific day!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

It's a Stormy Saturday

Usually I get on here and talk about what I did yesterday and this morning already. As most of you who visit here know, I usually walk about 2 1/4 miles everyday. Done that already, plus... 220 sit-ups! What the heck was I thinking? But today... I think I will just do the 2peas challenge.
Blog about someone special to you ....who brings out the best in you.
Well the first person that comes to mind would be my little sister. My sister Tracy and I are very close. We are 6 years apart in age. I live on Long Island and she has lived in Las Vegas for 10 years now. It is very hard being that far away from each other. I try to get there about 2 times a year and she tries to come here at least 1 time a year. We talk to each other almost everyday, thank god for web cam, lol.
Tracy was 13 years old when I had my son Jonathon. She was always there with him. Those two were inseparable. She is also his God-Mother. I mean really... who picks a 13 year old to be a God-Mother. ME! Those two are still very, very close and Jonathon lives only about 5 mins from her. Sometimes... she even thinks she is his mother, lol.
I think we are each others inspiration. She is such a loving, caring person. She is always there for me. All I have to do is pick up the phone and she is there. She keeps me level headed (well tries) I can sometimes lose it over something very stupid. We like to goof around and have fun all the time. One time we went up to the strip ( Las Vegas) and we were goofing around in one of the stores trying on all kinds of funny hats. My other sister, Kelly, took the picture of us. She doesn't like to goof around as much.
By the way... she is the skinny little one that you can barely see because I'm taking up the whole photo. She would yell at me right now because I said that, lol. We just love being together. I can't wait to get back out there next month for a fun filled 9 days!
Wishing everyone a Wonderful Day!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Yeah! It's Friday!

Ok, not that that means much to me. I'm a SAHM, lol. It just means no running around for the next 2 days.
I think I have finally got my Scrapping Juices finally flowing again. I don't know what the heck was wrong with me for over a week. I just couldn't get anything done. I didn't even want to look at pictures! How the heck is that possible, lol. As stated yesterday I was able to complete 2 lo's, hopefully they will show up somewhere on this post, lol, hopefully.

The first one is of my son DJ and my niece Alley. They had so much fun on the jetski that day. The second one is of them also at the beach. This was the first time Alley was every at the beach. She had so much fun.
2peas challenge: what are my weekend plans? Well, my plans have been cancelled! ugh. Due to the weather we are having here, it is supposed to rain all weekend and I was going to go to Montauk Point with my friend. Being at Montauk in the rain is not very fun so we cancelled and we will see what next weekend brings us!
Hope everyone has a Wonderful Day!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

A gloomy Thursday

I think I have to start with last night. I was in a pretty good mood and then it hit me...... A MASSIVE toothache! OMG! I could not believe it. It started about 6pm and would not stop. I took a pain killer with hopes that it would help, but it didn't. I waited it out and was also starving! I (for some reason) was dying for a turkey and cheese sandwich. So at about 7:30 I finally decided I was going to attempt eating this sandwich. It was very good. Do I have to tell you.. my toothache was not any better and probably got a little worse. So I decided to take 1/2 a pain killer with hopes again the pain would disappear. I waited patiently. No relief. Then around 9:30 I started to get very light headed and woooozzy. I figured it was the pain meds doing that and maybe I should go and lay down now. That is what I did but I have to tell you, still having pain. I am pretty sure I ended up passing out around 10:30 laying across the bed corner to opposite corner. DH came in and was trying to push me over. lol... Finally, I moved, and no pain! yeah.
I got up this morning and there was some tooth pain. I decided right away to take 3 tylenol before it gets any worse and then went for my walk. I could barely move today. I swear I was moving in slow motion. My friend showed up today (that is because it is very gray and much cooler today). It was nice to have someone to walk with today due to the fact I was moving at her pace today. We made plans last week to go out to Montauk Point this Saturday. It is suppose to be nice out and I love just walking around and window shop. We will probably go out to the Lighthouse also. It should be fun and it gets me away from my house for a day. lol
I was finally able to get my butt moving on some LO's. I used photo's of my son DJ and my niece Alley at the beach for one LO. That was Alleys first time at a beach (they live in Las Vegas). Then the other LO is of my son DJ and Alley on the jetski. She didn't want to get off that thing (neither do my kids). I think the LO's came out ok.

2peas challenge: List 5 things that put you in a good mood.

2. A nice Hot Bubble Bath
3. A long talk with my sister
4. Sitting outside in the sun
5. Listening to music
Hope you have a Sunny Day!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I can't believe it!

I can't believe that it took about 8 hrs for my post that I wrote this morning to get on here! That is just insane! I also pisses me off. I don't think it should take that long for anything to post to a site. It is just pure CRAZYNESS! Ok... I'm better now (I think).
Anyway, I wanted to post some pictures of my sons truck that he got last night. He is pretty excited about it. I guess most 17 year olds would be. lol
Ok. that is it for me for now. If I'm bored and have nothing to do later I might be back.

Wake up Wednesday!

Good Morning! I did not get on here yesterday. We decided Monday night to take our boat out for day yesterday! I really should say morning. It was going to be a scorcher yesterday and it was the best thing we decided! I got up and went for my walk yesterday a little earlier and you may have guested it ... my friend did not show up again. Oh well. I did my 2 miles and went and got the ice for the cooler and headed home. DH was waiting for me. He had pretty much everything ready. All I had to do was jump into the shower to get the sweat off and put on a bathing suit. We were out of here! We got down to the ramp at about 8am and we were off to cool breezes and water of Sore Thumb. I love it there. It is very peaceful (until about 12 noon). We were all by ourselves until that time when we started to get bombarded by about 15 other boats. I looked at my DH and said.. Ok.. time to get out of here. At 1pm we loaded the kids up and we were out of there before it got any worse. What a beautiful time we had!
I was so exhausted after all that that, I couldn't do anything else for the rest of the day! By the time I got to jump in for my shower (3:35pm) all I wanted to do was sleep, (I think old age is catching up to me, lol).
Exciting news.... My DS (DJ) bought a 93' Ford Bronco (Full size). He is very excited! He couldn't wait to show me everything that was in it. I had a hard time getting in the damn thing, but it is very nice.
This morning I am moving pretty slowly. I don't know how I got up and even did my walk! My back is killing me. I guess from the beach and the boat. I hope it gets better soon. I hate it when my back is hurting. I just can't do anything.
2peas challenge: What is your favorite summer memory? Well, this is tough for me. I have soooo many wonderful summer memories it would be too hard to pick one. I love and cherish all the special summers that we spent out on the boat and Sore Thumb when the kids were little. Those are probably the best.
Hope everyone has a TERRIFIC DAY!

Monday, July 17, 2006

A New week!

Here it is Monday again! ugh. Well as usual I got up and went for my walk at about 6:30. My friend showed up a little late, but at least she showed up today. I had started without her this morning because I wasn't sure if she was going to show again today. She actually surprised me. We walked about 3 1/2 laps and then she started to tell me that she is not going to be able to do any more. She is stopping. I was like whatever you have to do for you. I am going to continue. I don't expect anyone to do anything they can't. She was just running out of steam already after 2 laps. She was like I will see you tomorrow. I said, Ok. that is fine, see you tomorrow. I continued and did 2 1/4 miles today. It is pretty hot out there already! at 6:45am they said that it was a cool 82 high humidity. It's the humidity that kills
As I mentioned in my last post,.. we went to see the movie CLICK yesterday. It was very good. My sister-in-law couldn't stop talking about it. That is a good thing, that means she really liked it. That Adam Sandler never lets you down, lol.
For those of you that have been reading my blog lately, just a quick note, My mom is still in the hospital! She was supposed to come home yesterday, but none of the drs signed for her to be released! ugh. So needless to say, she is pissed! Hopefully today she will be home.
My DH cleaned up part of the basement for me to finally get some of my scrapbooking stuff down there and have a place to actually do my scrapping! It looks pretty good. I might need more space though! lol. I want to get a couple of cubes to store my papers in. But it will do for now. I did manage to get another page done. It is of my DH on his Harley! I really like this lo. Hope you do also.
My 2peas challenge question: What is your favorite amusement park ride? I would have to say mine would be almost any water ride. I like the water raft ride at six flags probably the most.
No plans for today.... Just going to try to soak up some sun! Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Yes, it is still Sunday!

OMG, I just got home from seeing CLICK with my sister-in-law, my daughter and son. It was so good. I can't believe how funny it was. I do have to say... I did cry during this movie.
Next movie is Pirates of the Caribbean. I can't wait to watch Johnny Depp. I just love him. He is drop dead gorgeous!

ok.. I just wanted to update a little.

Just another Sun(ny) Day!

Hello all! Well, I pretty much had a boring day yesterday. Didn't really feel like doing much of anything. I hate it when I get like that. Then around 5pm my DH said "lets get out of here" so we did. We took a long drive and went to Smiths Point. It is just beautiful there. Take your 4 wheel drive right on the beach. We stayed and looked around for awhile and then drove to the park. After about an 1 1/2 we started to drive home. We stopped to eat at Boulder Creek, I've never been there before. It was very nice. I wasn't too hungry so I got a burger and a baked sweet potato. Very good. yummmm.
Today, as normal, got up and went for my walk. And again today, my friend who is supposed to be my partner didn't show up. So 2 1/4 miles I did by myself again. Ohhh well, life goes on!
Today, I am hoping that I can get my husband to clean up the basement (which is going to be my scraproom). He has all his toys down there that were supposed to be moved out to the garage that he built 2 months ago for his toys! Of course, the basement never got cleaned out with his older toys and he just added more new toys to the garage. UGH... So that is what I am hoping to do today before it gets too hot and humid and then all I will want to do is go and lay out in the sun.
2peas challenge: I think that I would have to say my truck! I just love it. I don't think I could manage without it. And then my bed because I would never be able to sleep comfortably with it.
Hope you all have a Great Day.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Waking up to a wonderful day.

Good morning to all. I am not going to blog a lot this morning but hopefully will be back later on today.
Yesterday, I met with an old friend who is here visiting. We had lunch and then we went back to where she was staying and sat out at the pool just talking for over 3 hrs! I couldn't believe how fast the time was going by. My DH called to see if I was ok. lol. How sweet!
Then last night we took the boat out. We were going crabbing. Someone told my DH that they were catching crabs like crazy out there. So we decided to go, it seemed like it was a little early in the month for them but what the heck. Needless to say.... I don't know what state this guy was in when he was crabbing but I have to tell you that any crabs we saw were little ones. We don't take little ones. They have to be about 6 inches across. It was fun though out on the water. We all had a great time.
So today I went for my walk and you may have guessed it, my friend that is suppose to be my partner didn't show up again this morning. Oh well.. You know what.. I don't do this for anyone except myself. I just have to remember that. lol.
For anyone that was here yesterday and read my blog, just a little note. My mom is doing much better and hopefully will be home today. Thank you to everyone that sent prayers.
That is it for now. Hope everyone has a SUNNY Day!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Hazy,Hot & Humid

Good Morning to all. I have a lot to talk about this morning.
Lets start with yesterday. Well after my walk and hanging out on the computer for a little while, I started to feel depressed. I couldn't understand what was bothering me. All I wanted to do was lay down and cry. I pretty much did nothing most of the day except my walk, and drive my son to the gym for his workout.
Then around 6:30pm my husband said "lets get out of there for a little while and get something to eat". I of course said ok! So, I had no idea where we were going. I just thought we would go to the diner for a nice little meal, (that is usually French Toast for me, lol). But we didn't and he was driving down to the water. I couldn't imagine where we were going. Then it dawned on me! He wanted seafood (which by the way, I don't eat! ugh). I was ok with that. I figured I could find something on the menu to suit me. Well let me tell you this menu was all about the seafood. They had all seafood appetizer, soup and entrees! There was however one steak dish and one chicken dish. I opted for the chicken! I have to say it was quite beautiful watching the sunset on the water and the partyboats coming in. Very beautiful! And the chicken was awesome.
Just as I was finishing my meal, my cell phone rings and its my dad. I just figured he was calling to see what was going on. They live in Las Vegas (everyone, my mom,dad,sisters, and brothers.. ohh and my oldest son). Needless to say, BAD NEWS! But he starts off with the usual.. HI, what's going on? UMMM... I just wanted to let you know that I had to bring mommy into the hospital, but everything is good now. They say she had a mild heart attack. I was like OMG! and of course starting to cry, in the restaurant. Now my husband is getting upset also. I don't normally cry, I'm the strong one. But when we almost lost my mom 11 years ago due to 9 brain aneurysm's I get very emotional. At that time (11 years ago) I happened to get the same feeling for most of the morning. I was upset, depressed and cried for no apparent reason. It just didn't occur to me that something was wrong with my mom again when this "feeling" came over me yesterday. My dad didn't even want to call me. He didn't want me to hop on a plane right away. He is funny like that.
I called my sister and yelled at her for not calling me. She was like.. Hey he wouldn't let me. He didn't want you jumping on a plane right away especially since we don't have all the details yet. She also was like..He didn't want to call you at all. I told him that once mommy was stabile you need to call Lynn. You know she is going to be mad at you if you don't. Which I would've been.
Happy to report she is feeling much better right now. They of course kept her over night. My mom is very funny. When I spoke with her last night she said to me " You know, this all happened because I quit smoking 8 days ago!" Yes, she is a comedian my mother. lol Gotta love her!
I will tell you,,, that once I got the news from my dad. I actually started to feel a little better. My mom and I have some kind of connection mentally I guess. Who knows.
On a bright note. When I got home I decided to go and check all my e-mails and too my surprise I had an email from Denise. Yesteday was her birthday and she was having a contest for a RAK and all you needed to do was visit her blog and comment. I was happy to visit her blog and comment. But to my surprise, I won! I never win anything. This is very exciting to me. I could not believe that I won. What a very nice thing for someone to do.
As for today.... It is very Hazy, Hot & Humid here on Long Island. I have already gone for my walk. And I am happy to say that my friend actually showed up today! Yeah!!! This afternoon I am meeting with an old friend for lunch. She is from here, but moved to Florida about a year ago. She is here for a 10 days visiting. It will be really nice to see her.
That is really it for me today. I hope everyone out there has a TERRIFIC DAY!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Gray skies are gonna clear up!

Well good morning to all. I have to say that it poured out all night long into this morning. It did manage to stop raining at about 5am. That is good for me because I leave to go do my walk at 6:15am. I got down to the track and stretched out like normal... waiting for my friend to show (which did not happen again today). At about 6:30 I start my walk. There were not many people walking this morning down there. Everyone probably thought that it was going to be pouring out down there, it wasn't. Anyway, I got about 1 3/4 miles done when it started to mist out with a few little drizzles. I kept on trucking! I was going to finish doing 2 1/2 miles today. I am happy to say that I did! I did drizzle just a little bit for about one lap around the track then it stopped again. After my walk.. I did more stretches and came home to do my sit-ups and other exercises. It is a good feeling when I'm all done. I don't like getting up that early to do, but it does feel good afterward.
It looks like the skies are trying their hardest to clear up today! This is good for me. I do not function well in dark, gloomy weather. I like the sun to shine. It is a little more fun when the sun is shining.
As for todays blogger challenge.... I don't know if I really had a favorite show.. well... maybe it was the original ER. Just love George Clooney! After Anthony Edwards left I stopped watching!
Well that is really it for me today. I know that I said it yesterday... but hopefully I will get some lo's done so I can finally post something new. I have not been very successful at getting this done this week. Until tomorrow... hope all you peas have a Wonderful Day!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Gray Wednesday

Good Morning to all! Yes, it is a gray Wednesday morning here on Long Island.
I've gotten up this morning (and I might add, on time this morning!) gone for my walk, did 2 1/4 miles today. Then came home did all my situps and other exercises. I made a cup of coffee as everyone one else in my house are still asleep. This is the most peaceful time of the day. I really love that time. This is also the time that I really get to spend on this computer.
I really don't have anything going on today. Yesterday was a pretty boring day. I just sat around and stared at pictures. I might add that I did not get anything done with them lol. I'm in a slump, come on.... sometimes that happens! lol
As for all you peas out there... the question for today was give a tip for organizing your scraproom/area. Well,..I have to tell, I have absolutely no organizing going on in this area right now. I'm in the middle of setting up a scrapping section in my basement and all my stuff (ok.. a lot of it) is all sitting on my diningroom table all at one end. So, I really don't have any tips. But I can't wait to read all the blogs so I can get some. lol.
Wishing you all a Wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Oh.... It's Tuesday!

Well Good Morning to all that come and visit. It is Tuesday at about 8:20am est.
I must tell you all that this morning got off to a bad start. I normally get up to walk during the week at 6am, but this morning I didn't get up until 6:30am! Wow... I'm going to be so late (I said to myself). See I meet my friend at the track usually every morning so that we can do our walk.Normally she is the one late or just doesn't show up. We have been walking everyday (almost) since May 1st. I have only missed 3 days of walking. I missed the first time because we had horrible thunder storms and it was pouring out and the 2nd time was because my son had surgery that morning and then the 3rd time was about a week ago and again horrible down pours of rain. Did I mention that we even walk on the weekend! My friend usually has her little daughter with her and so if it is even just a little sprinkle of rain or they say it might rain in the morning she won't show up! So needless to say she has missed more. (Sorry, rambling on about much of nothing). But today she seemed to try to make me feel bad that I was late. That seemed to upset me a little and I really don't know why. So thanks for letting me vent this, lol, I really needed it.
After I finished my walk, I did my stretches, ohhh that felt good. And my cell phone rings once I get to my car. I say to myself "hmmm wonder what Danny needs?" I was right! It was Danny on the phone. He just wanted to check up on me! How Sweet was that? So that made me feel alot better. Since then the morning has been looking a little more cheery! And the sun has made an appearance! Yeah for me. I would love to just go out and soak it all up!
Today, I really don't have anything planned out to do. I really want to get moving on a scrapbook that I'm giving as a gift to on of my senior wrestlers whom I'm pretty close with. But really haven't thought much on it. I know his parents are giving him a party before he leaves for college and he really wanted the photos that I took of him this year (which I already gave him the copies, but he lost them) So I decided to make him a small scrap book. What do you guys think? Do you think that that is a good gift? Well, I hope that it comes out really cute!
Now for all the bloggers on 2peas.... I'm not sure I have a favorite BBQ receipe. I know my hubsand loves when I do grilled flounder for him. My 17 year old just loves his steak, the 15 year pretty much is a hot dog nut, my daughter will eat pretty much anything off the grill and I will always have a boars head hot dog with cheese. My husband also loves my potato salad and mac. salad. I'm sure there are other things.. like corn on the cob, chicken that I do. I've even done baked clams! There is so much for the BBQ.
Well, I'm off for now.. Hope everyone has a TERRIFIC day!

Monday, July 10, 2006

It's Monday already?

Here it is Monday! ugh... such a beautiful weekend went so fast! It is supposed to be pretty nice here for most of the day. Too bad I have like one millon phone calls to make starting at 9:30. Then getting a massage this afternoon. So it will go quick I think.
I really need to get my butt moving on some scrapbooking. I haven't done anything in about a day and 1/2. I just don't know what takes me so long sometimes. Its like the photos are not talking to me yet. This is the most time consuming thing for me about scrapbooking. I seem to have a hard time with the not just the photos, but the papers that should go with them. I can take up to 1 full week to do a layout because of that. It is sickening, I know.This is something that I will have to try to work on. Maybe I will be able to get some pointers from some ladies when I do this crop night at the end of the month. I sure hope someone there has some pointers! I could use all the help that is out there. lol
Other than that, nothing much is going on. Just alot of Monday stuff! (Is the weekend really over?) I hope everyone out ther has a WONDERFUL MONDAY!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Wonderful Sunday!

Well it is about 10pm. I can't believe that I didn't get on here at all today. I got up as usual and did my walk. Came home swept the floors. Then at about 9am the Wimbeldon Mens Championship Tennis match came on. I just love to watch tennis, and so does my husband and 1 son. Todays final had Federer and Nadal. What an awesome match up! I (to be honest) was rooting for Nadal. Heck Federer had already won 3 Wimbeldon Finals what did he need another one for. lol.
Well, the 1st set didn't go to well for my boy Nadal! He didn't even get on the scoreboard! It was 6-0. I thought for sure this was only going to go 3 sets! Well the second set had you glued to your seat. It went to a tie breaker and of course Federer won 7-6. Again, not looking good for Nadal. Then the 3 set... wait ... did I say tie breaker again? Yep.. it was another tie breaker and Nadal finally won a set 7-6. Now things are flowing. I'm thinking to myself, he might actually pull this off. Well.. it didn't happen. Depressed I was! booo whoooo.. Nadal went down in 4 sets. Well, like Nadal said in his little interview.... I will be back next year and Roger better watch out.
After that my husband and I decided to lay out in the wonderful sun. It was just a beautiful day. I love to soak up the sun when possible. Then we decided to order something to eat and have them deliver it. By the way did I mention that we had no kids home! yeah... lol They were all out. Now that is what I call a Wonderful Sunday!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

A good start

Well hello! I know it is about 9 am est. I've been up since 6 am. I've gone and done my walk, stretching, sit-ups, and made coffee. WOW! I've been pretty busy. lol. Now as soon as I get off of this computer, I will attempt to clean up the mess the kids left last night in the kitchen and livingroom. I really should just leave it and see if they clean, but we know kids, they won't do anything on their own unless they are told to do it.

I have completed 2 more LO's for my MUST CROP, NO SHOP Challenge. I feel like I'm starting to slack off. We will see. I would sometimes rather be outside just soaking up the sun! Especially on a beautiful day like today! Well anyway here are my two LO's for you to see. They are really pretty special. Hope you enjoy.

Friday, July 07, 2006

What a day!

Well today started out as a normal day. It finally didn't rain (thank god) and I got up at about 6:am to get ready to go for my walk at the track, which my friend who walks with me hasn't been making it. She is the one who picked 6:30am to walk. I would've stayed at 7am. I seem to need that extra 1/2 hr. lol. So any way.. I'm down there stretching out... and it is now 6:30. To my surprise, She is late! ugh. So as usual, I start without her. I walked 1/4 mile before I saw her truck. So I stopped at our starting point.So we can walk together. I'm waiting.. She is still not in the parking lot. I can't believe it! I'm like where did she go. It only takes about 1 min. to get from where I saw her to the parking lot. I could've walked another 1/4 mile (it takes me about 3 mins to walk a 1/4). The to my big surprise, there she is. Now she seems to be taking awhile to get from the truck to the track. So I figure she has her 4 year old with her. NOPE, wrong again! She still didn't have her sneakers on! So I'm losing it. I calm myself before she gets on the track. We start walking and she was like. Sorry I'm late...I just had to get gas and you know.. my truck takes forever! I was like.. Shoot... I didn't pick freakin' 6:30 am to walk you did. She didn't walk the 3 days before, because she thought it was going to rain. Some partner she is turning out to be. lol. Well, we finished our walk and of course my little pet peeve with her it the fact that she does not stretch out afterwards! As usual she left immediately!
So now I get home.. And start cleaning. I started all my laundry, vacuumed the floors, swept the floors, and febreezed everything! Then the sun decided to shine so I decided to go and sit out in the back! yeah for me. Now I'm just deciding what to do for dinner. My 2 son's are out and my daughter is going to work in a few. So it is just the hubby and I.
Well,, I think that makes for some day!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Loads of fun!

Hello to all my friends! Today I was able to take pictures of all the LO's that I've done since July 1st! This is for my MUST CROP, NO SHOP challenge. I've been very busy. I can't believe that I'm starting to run out of ideas. I might have to go into some really old photos to get some inspiration. Well, I'm going to try to post the photos here, It seemed to work the last time so hopefully it will again. lol. Wish me luck. ok.. to my surprise.. (I'm still learning) The pictures didn't upload in the order they were supposed to. I will have to play with that one day. ugh!!! The first photo is of me and my son Jonathon (23). He lives in Las Vegas and I went there for Easter this year. I just love these photos of us. We don't have too many of the two of us together. Especially recent photos. The next photo on the top is the 1st page of a 2 page lo. Of course the 2nd page of the layout is the last picture to upload! These were taken last year of my son Joseph and the rest of the family. It was his graduation from 8th grade and his 14th Birthday! yeah. We had a lot of fun that day. The 3rd picture is also the 1st page of a two page lo. Thank goodness they went in next to each other. lol. This is of my son DJ wrestling. Not so sure what I was thinking when I did these, but it looks ok. I wanted to get all the photos from 1 full match in a lo. I guess I did it. ok.. have fun.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Rain,rain go away!

Ok, It has been raining on and off for the last few days now. But today....... oh my... torrential down pours! It is just crazy. I was able to go for my walk which is nice. My friend Lynn did not show up because she thought it was going to rain or she thought it was already raining! go figure. I was able to get my whole 2 miles in! yeah... Just wish I could start to see some results from all this walking. I've been walking everyday since May 1st. I have only missed 2 days of walking. One because it was down pouring the whole day and the other was because DJ has surgery that day. I even go on Saturday and Sunday!

Rain,rain go away!

Ok, It has been raining on and off for the last few days now. But today....... oh my... torrential down pours! It is just crazy. I was able to go for my walk which is nice. My friend Lynn did not show up because she thought it was going to rain or she thought it was already raining! go figure. I was able to get my whole 2 miles in! yeah... Just wish I could start to see some results from all this walking. I've been walking everyday since May 1st. I have only missed 2 days of walking. One because it was down pouring the whole day and the other was because DJ has surgery that day. I even go on Saturday and Sunday!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July! Yeah!! Well.. I really have nothing to new or exciting to post. Just wanted to get on here and write something! lol I am actually waiting for my friend to stop by. So I am now killing time as they say. I might try to add a photo on here.. Hopefully, it will work. lol
WOW!!! I did it. These are 2 of the LO's that I did for my MUST CROP, NO SHOP Challenge on This is my niece Alley when she was here in February. The 1st LO is of her with my dog Lacey. Alley just loves Lacey. The 2nd LO is of Alley and my son Joseph. She was dying to get on my son Joseph's pocket bike. These two were definately BORN TO BE WILD! Well.. hope every has a wonderful 4th

Saturday, July 01, 2006


Well, as I had expected! I never get the time to get on here to write. I hope that I can eventually change that. I would also love to post to photos.. who knows if I will ever get to learn how to do that. lol.

We went out on the boat yesterday. It was beautiful! Today is beautiful also and very warm. It is suppose to be nicest day for the weekend. Who knows.. I don't believe anything any of them say any more.

I hope that I can get on here again tomorrow. But who knows, it may not happen.