Wednesday, November 26, 2008


It's true.... not sure I want to be back right now, but I am. The past 2 1/2 weeks have been very hectic and tiring. Now I really wish I could take a real vacation.

Being in Vegas was not a vacation as some of you already know. I was there to take care of my mom. She is not doing as well as I had hoped before I got there. She does not want to care for herself at all anymore (unless it has to do with food). You have to beg her to bathe and get dressed. Pretty much all she really wants to do is sit at the dining table (which is cluttered beyond belief, almost worse than mine, lol) and do her word search books all day long. My father claims that she is walking since I left. I don't see that actually happening and I seriously don't think he even pays much attention to it. I think she is just writing it down so she doesn't have to hear him complain that she didn't do it. He leaves her for hours unattended. I freakin left her for 30 mins to come back and find her laid out on the floor and she couldn't get up. After that incident I was afraid to leave her alone for more than 5 mins let alone the hours that he leaves her.

On a little better note. My sister Tracy is here visiting with her husband and my neice. They planned this vacation back in April. They wanted to take my neice to the Thanksgiving Parade! She is 8 and I think she will have a awesome time there. Not sure if she is going to handle the cold weather that morning but you never know with Alley. My sister and I are also planning out my shopping Black Friday! This is usually a day that I spend by myself since my sisters and mother all live in Vegas! My sisters and I usually talk by phone for most of the day and what I can't get they usually can. Now I've lost my main resource there, because I'm not sure that my other sister is even going to bother to go and I'm sure that my mother won't! So hopefully I will be able to get everything I want here. I really should stop this nonsense and just give these kids a damn gift card and be done to be honest.

Today I plan on starting my baking for tomorrow's feast! I've decided to take photos of everything to put together a receipe book for Shannon. She keeps calling me for receipes and sometimes doesn't understand. I thought this would be a great gift. I'm going to put it in an 8 1/2 x 11 album this way its splash proof also. I will ship it to my sister and she is then going to get her new utensils (I'm not sure she even has them, lol) and some stuff to get her started on cooking. That is pretty much the only handmade gift that I can think of right now.

Well... I've bored you all enough today. I wish you all a very Happy, Healthy, Wealthy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Las Vegas

Here I am.... In Las Vegas! I've been here since last Wednesday and the weather has been incredible! Low 80's pretty much everyday. I can't believe it. Two days this week we hit record high's.

I've been very busy taking care of my mother. This in itself is a major task. It is like dealing with a 5 year old most of the time. You have to remind her to do pretty much everything. On top of that I've been cleaning the apartment here. Now we all know that I can't stand to clean, but this place was disgusting! She won't even clean a coffee cup. She has just gotten very lazy and does not want to do a thing unless she gets to go out and eat! I've now had to make eating a reward for her. How sad it sounds but she could just sit there and eat all day long if she isn't sleeping at the table.

One day before my dad left to go to Texas, I did manage to get out and meet Sherri from 2 pea's! It was great to meet up with her. We have tried to do this once or twice before, but never managed to fit it in. We went to a park so her ds could play and we pretty much chatted for about 2 hours. I had my sister Tracy with me because I kind of connected them about 2 years ago. It was a beautiful day in the park.

I really haven't done much, except take care of my mom since I've here. Now I'm planning a Thanksgiving dinner for tomorrow for Jonathon, Shannon and the rest of my family here. We are having it at my sister Tracy's. So much to do in so little time. Then I fly home on Friday! I get in at about 11pm and then my sister Tracy and her family fly in on Saturday morning at 8:30! It's just going to be non-stop for me.

I have to say that I'm really getting tired lately. This could be due to that fact that I'm not really sleeping. My mom is up and down all night long.

I also have not taken 1 single picture since I've been here! I can't believe it, but then again, I haven't really done anything except babysit. Maybe tomorrow I will get a few.

Hope everyone has a terrific day... I've got to go before she raids the frig!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Its Monday!

The sun is actually shining and there is a northeasterly breeze out there today. It is a bit on the cold side also. My body already is dreading the winter season. I've got to get my body prepped for this.

This weekend I didn't really do much. I attempted to clean the house a little, which of course with 3 men here didn't last too long. Yesterday I did quite a bit of cooking though. I figured I better get some meals planned ahead for them while I'm away. We wouldn't want DJ to miss a meal! Danny and Joseph are much easier when it comes to food. DJ is regimented and likes to have certain foods. Joseph would be happy with Kraft Mac & Cheese, hot dogs or the ever popular chicken nuggets everyday! Since I'm going to be away for 9 days I'm trying to put a few meals together for them. Knowing them... they won't eat most of them and just order out or make sandwiches. Sometimes I don't know why I bother.

The countdown is 2 days until I will be on a plane crossing this great country. At this time on Wednesday I would be 2 hours into my trip. I can't wait to get there. The weather has been really nice (depending on who you talk to). If you talk to my sister Tracy or my mother it is freezing there at 70. If you talk to my kids or my dad the weather is perfect.

Well, as usual, I need to get going here today. Joseph needs to get to school in a little bit and I really need to get some stuff done here today.
Hope you all have a Magical Monday!

Friday, November 07, 2008


2Peas question of the day: What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think back to being 18?

Wow! 18..... What an incredible time in my life. I think the first thing that comes to my mind is the day that I turned 18. It was actually the day after my High School Graduation. My best friend and others were just hanging out camping on the beach and enjoying the beginning of summer. To be so young, vibrant, and energetic. Not having a care in the world at that moment. Of course, that all changed pretty quickly for me. Remember when you could go without sleep for days on end? OMG.... what were we thinking? It was fun and fast. It is a time in my life that I truly remember well.

Hope you all have a Fabulous Friday and Wonderful Weekend.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

What to do?

I guess this week I'm into making "TO DO" lists. I don't know why all of a sudden I'm doing this. Today I have many things to get done. Yesterday was productive, but not as much as I would have liked. My "TO DO" list was even shorter yesterday and I got less things crossed off. I guess some days are just going to be like that.
I manged to finally get this done:
1. I got to those damn summer clothes which took me forever and a day.
2. while going through the clothes I dicarded anything that I haven't worn in over 1 year. (that took another day, lol)
3. voted!
4. vacuumed and swept
5. started to go through some of the wrestling papers, but ended up working on the Hall of Fame Banquet Book instead.
6. Washed all the clothes that I'm taking to Vegas.

This was all I got done. It is sad. I wish I could just blink my eyes sometimes like Bewitch.

Today I have some running around to do. I'm not sure if anything in this house is going to get done, ugh.
1. Get Joseph to school
2. Go to Walmart
3. Go to Cable Company
4. Go to my Dr's appt
5. Take DJ to Dr.
6. Pick Joseph up from school
7. Make Dinner (I didn't make anything last night)
8. vacuum and sweep

At least with this list... I know that most of it has to be done, lol.
Hope everyone has a Wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Yep, this is the day we've all been waiting for. I'm not sure about anyone else out there, but this is just crazy. To be honest with you, I'm not that crazy about either one of these two candidates. Neither one does a thing for me. What ever the outcome I think we are going to be sorry for the decisions made many months ago by both parties to vote these two as presidential candidates. Enough about that!

Yesterday was a pretty productive day! Yeah... I actually got stuff done. I did:
1. vacuum and sweep the floors
2. clean bathroom
3. went to the chiropractor
4. got Joseph to school
5. dusted the livingroom
6. picked up prints from Walgreens
7. went to the clothing printers and worked on the order forms
8. went to the grocery store
9. made dinner !
10. picked Joseph up from school
I guess that is not too bad.

Today's goal is:
1. vacuum and sweep
2. get to those summer clothes (attempt #2)
3. still attempting to clean off the diningroom table
5. get my stuff together for Vegas
6. again, figure out what to make for dinner.
7. get all my Wrestling papers together and in order
I'm not going to set too many today. I'm exhausted just thinking about them, lol.
Well I'm out of here for now. Go out and Vote everyone!
Have a terrific Tuesday!

Monday, November 03, 2008


is definately here on Long Island. Yesterday was a blistery day. It was almost bone chilling the entire day. I really didn't want to do a thing all day.

Today, however, seems to be much nicer. It is suppose to hit 50 and the sun is shining brightly (right now anyway). There is not much going on here (surprising as that might sound). I am still not feeling well. I don't know what is going on, but I just can't seem to kick it. I'm going back to the dr. on Wednesday. So we will see. I just haven't been right now for about 6 weeks, which really stinks.

My Things to Do List for today:
1. vacuum and sweep the floors
2. clean bathroom
3. go to chiropractor
4. get Joseph to school
5. dust livingroom
6. finally put summer clothes away
7. get rid of clothes that I haven't worn in over 2 years
8. pick up prints from Walgreens
9. attempt to clean off the dining room table (it never happens)
10. pick Joseph up from school
11. figure out what I'm bringing to Vegas
12. make dinner.

I personally would be happy to get at least 6 of the things listed done! So we will see what happens.

Oh.. did I mention that I'm leaving for Vegas on the 12th to go take care of my mom for 10 days! She has been in the hospital and unfortunately, my dad had prior commitments that he can not get out of. So needless to say I'm flying 3,000 miles to take my mother for that time... well about 6 days of it. My sister is doing an early Thanksgiving Day dinner while I'm there. Mostly because of Jonathon and Shannon crying that she is going to be here for Thanksgiving this year and what were they suppose to do for dinner! lol So we are doing it a week early for them.

Ok... I've got to get going there now. Joseph is getting ready.
Have a Great Monday!