Tuesday, July 31, 2007


2 peas challenge for today(ummmm tomorrow Wednesday 8-1-07): Today's Challenge~How did you come up with the title of your blog? Were does it come from?

Basically, I got decided on this title "Scrappin Fun" because I really enjoyed and loved scrapbooking. I still do, I'm just in a major rut and hopefully moving on down the road out of this huge rut.

Tonight dh and ds DJ went out on the jetski. What fun! I got some photos and hope to upload them either later on tonight or tomorrow this way I can post them for tomorrow.

My sister and I have started our countdown to her arrival here on Long Island. I really can't wait, even though we were together at Easter. It just seems so long ago. So we have 8 more days! So looking forward to this visit. My neice is especially excited because her and uncle Danny make fires! Shes a little firebug. Plus, she can't wait to get to the beach again. She hasn't been to the beach in 3 years! Alley loves going out on the boat and jetski, my sister said that's all shes been talking about the boat, jetski and making fires! She is too funny.

Ok... I'm getting off here.. Going to watch a repeat of House. I just love that show.


I went down in my scraproom and did something! It took me a while to get everything organized, but I actually finished something. I did this mug for my dh. The photos are not the greatest, but I couldn't wait to take them. I was able to get me, dh, the 4 kids and the dog all on here. DH just loves it.

This shot has ds Joseph, Lacey and ds Jonathon.

This side has ds DJ and dd Shannon.

And this side has dh, and me.

I think it could've been better, but dh only likes the color black so that is what I did. I also stuck a few epoxy stickers with sayings like: WE ARE FAMILY, THE CLAN and MEMORY LANE, just to add a little more color.

Maybe doing this has given me a little spark. I can only hope.

2peas challenge for today. Let's post a random picture that we have recently taken. Kind of like a photo of the day type topic. Ok.. here we go.. This is one of the proudest moments for me of my ds DJ. This was a huge accomplishment for him, since the doctors told us he would not be able to wrestle again. He proved them all wrong and overcame many obstacles to get here being #1 in the toughest League in NY State. btw... did I mention that it was the the 2nd time that I ever cried at a wrestling match. No could believe that I was crying like a baby. It was just very emotional.

Ok... have to get Joseph up for school.... I'm counting the days! Its not going fast enough that is all I can say. Have a great day!

Monday, July 30, 2007

I'm good at.....

2 peas challenge for today: List 3 things you're really good at... blog about them.
I'm really good at:
1. Cooking- I love to cook most of the time. My kids and dh say they love my cooking. I just get caught up in cooking sometimes. Of course there are days that I don't even want to think about cooking. Today would be one of those days. It's 91 and humid... Can we say BBQ
2. I'm told that I'm really good at being the Wrestling Team Mom! It is something that I really love to do. I love the kids and thats what it is all about. Sometimes I wonder if I really am good at it, especially when I get really stressed out close to tournament time. Then everything works out just fine and we did an awesome job.
3. I think I'm really good at encouraging others (not myself, for some weird reason). Its funny, I never think about encouraging "me". I always encourage my kids to do better and keep focused. I will always encourage the wrestlers to do well each match. I will always be there for others, but just can't for myself. I guess that is something that I will need to work on.
Ok... that's it for me right now. Have a terrific evening.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Making a list

The 2 peas challenge for today is: Make a list of your top ten things on your mind right now. At the time you blog. Date it.... mark down the time.. and just number 1-10 and write the first 10 things that come to mind.. no censoring.. this would make one great layout.. a moment in time!
My top things on my mind right now!:
1. I really need to get off this computer and do my laundry!
2. Where the heck is ds DJ! and why didn't he call me last night to say he was staying out all night? (can we say grounded)
3. Why the heck am I sweating like crazy at 9:21am?
4. I really need to clean this freakin' house.
5. Good golly it is so damn humid out
6. I could really use another cup of coffee
7. Where the heck is my sister, she is late this morning getting on this computer. (we web cam every morning)
8. I think I just want to go back to bed
9. What should I make for dinner tonight?
10. I really should color my hair today.
Todays date: July 29, 2007
Time: 9:23am et
There you go, I'm probably the most boring person on the planet. Nothing exciting here that's for sure. Just me being lazy.
Hope everyone has a great Sunday!

Friday, July 27, 2007

3 Foods....

Here is the 2 peas challenge today: If I had to choose only 3 food items to eat for the rest of my life, what would they be??? This is a tough one, but one I think I can answer pretty quickly.
1. CHOCOLATE!- I'm not living the rest of my life without it that is for sure. I probably wouldn't last more than a week without it anyway, lol. That seems to be my life source lately. I would go into withdrawal by the second day.

2. Chicken- I don't really get too tired of eating it. Don't get me wrong... there are days that I'm like "I'm just not having chicken today".

3. Hmmmmm. tough decision..... I'm going with Pizza!- At least it has 3 of the food groups in it. I should be good with this as one of my food items. Plus,, I can always change it up by putting my chicken on it. I love chicken cutlet pizza!

There you go... set for life, lol. This was a really fun challenge Bonnie Rose. This sure would make for a cute layout. It sure is the first thing that has given me a little spark to get down in my scraproom. I wonder if I have any M&M's bags sitting around?....

Ugh... It is time for me to get ready for work. I'm actually enjoying the time away from the house. I'm around a great group of people at the deli and they are really fun. It is a great 4 hours away from dh and the kids. I know that that sounds mean, but it was just getting crazy here with them. Ok, I'm out of here for now, oh btw... I'm thinking of going to crop tomorrow. The just sent me an email that there were still openings. I'm seriously thinking of going. The only thing that is holding me back is the fact that I know this place has little space and everyone is a little tight fitting in there. Oh well.... I think I might still go, I'll keep you posted. Have a great weekend everyone.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Life Challenges

2peas Challenge --- Blog about some of the challenges in your life that u are now facing. If any. Be as blunt, or bold as u like.

Ohhhh my... I wouldn't even know where to start! There is so much going on right now in my life that it just feels like I'm on a rollercoaster. I think my biggest challenge right now is that I need to get healthy again. I've been depressed for about 3 months now and it was just getting worse. All I really wanted to do was eat junk and sleep. So to say the least I've gained some weight and have gotten a lot of flab in the abdomen area that was not like that 4 months ago. Also my RA has been flairing up so I also have not been exercising or walking my 2 miles a day for months now. And since I was having problems with my health insurance I was not able to get my Remicaid treatments for the last 5 months. This just makes me more depressed! I'm not comfortable with my body right now and this needs a lot of work.

With this depression, I just don't want to do anything. So you guessed it, No scrapbooking. I just can't bring myself down there to do one single thing. I don't know what it is, it's not like I don't have the time to do it or the supplies, I just don't want to go down there or even try to get started on anything. This makes me sad since it is something that I truly love to do. I know it will come back to me, but when?

Well, I think this is enough for one day for any person to write or read. So on that note I will close this chapter and move on.
Have a Terrific Thursday!

Found Money

2 peas Challenge: Consider this and blog your answer: If you found a $100 bill on the sidewalk, what would you do?
a/put it in my wallet, hello new shoes!
b/Pass it by, gross, germs!
c/Give the money to charity.
d/Add it to my savings.
Pick your answer and then blog/expand on your decision..

Unfortunately my answer is going to be D even though there is no savings, it would be going towards all my bills (would my answer then be A?hmmm). Especially right now in my life things are really crazy tight with the finances. I know that it sounds greedy, but right now that is just how it is. If you would've asked me this question 2 years ago I would have given half to charity and then the other half would've gone into the savings.

I have to make this short and sweet today. I have to get ready to take Joseph to school (2 1/2 more weeks of this!) and get ready for work.
Have a Terrific Day!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


2 peas challenge for today: Do you use stamps with your layouts? I have used stamps in layouts, but don't use them regularly. I love my alpha stamps and do tend to use them more often then anything else. Right now I'm not doing anything! I haven't been in my scraproom for weeks now. Hoping to get down there in the next few days to hopefully get some of the clutter out of there. I also need to finish DJ's Wrestling Album for this year.

The other day I got out the camera and actually took some photo's of my dreaded apple tree. I have soooooo many freakin' apples falling from this tree it is silly. The side of my yard is covered with rotting apples, ugh! This first picture is pretty much the full tree. Now mind you, there is a second tree to the right of this tree that is much smaller. This breed of tree needs to have to 2 within ( I think 1/2 mile from each other) to produce fruit. I don't know if that is true or not, but what the heck.
In this photo it is a little hard to find to the apples. I always thought it was a crapapple tree... well... its a granny smith. So the apples are green.
This photo is showing all the apples on the ground... since this photo was taken, there are alot more on the ground.
And finally a good look at some apples on the tree!

Ok... I really have to get my behind in gear here today. I've got to get Joseph up in 1 hr for school and then be at the deli by 10am. The fun just never ends, lol.

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, July 23, 2007


Things here have just been crazy the past week! I can't believe that I am just now getting on here to catch up. As some of you know... I've been down in the dumps and also not feeling well the past few weeks. My doctors seem to think that I have depression and I have to agree with them. My primary doctor who has been treating me forever just looked at me and said "Lynn, you are depressed!" I was like why? and he basically said to me " Hello.... look who you live with and spend 24 hours a day with! You've got to get out of that house a few hours a day." So... with that said... I got a small p/t job in a local deli 4 hours a day. Its been good, but I have to say that I've been exhausted everyday. I think its a combination of everything together. So hopefully, this week I will be able to update more often.

With that said... It is now 9am here and well I've got to get myself ready to take Joseph to summer school (3 more weeks of this) and then go to work. I think each day will get better. It has to. I will try to update with the 2 peas challenge later this afternoon.

Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It's Routine

The 2 peas challenge for today: Blog about 5 things you do every day , without fail. List 5 things you do each and every day, weekday or weekend...
1. Get up at 6:30am to take 1st pill for thyroid
2. Make the coffee!
3. Brush my teeth
4. At 7:30am take 2nd pill
5. Check my e-mails
6. Call my dad before he calls (he calls about 6 times a day)

Ok... I listed 6 things and I'm sure there are a lot more.... I'll have you know that this is usually all done before 9am. I'm usually calling dad at 6am his time. He's up already.

Ok.... getting out of here for now... We are going to take the boat out and go fishing today! Hopefully I will have photos to post tomorrow.

Monday, July 16, 2007

INVASION of ........

the squirrels! For the past few weeks (about 5 to be exact) I've been telling dh that there seems to be an awful lot of squirrel activity on my bedroom side of the house and every morning you can actually hear them clawing at the side of the outside wall. I never went to that side of the house. This is a side of the yard that is never used due to trees being over there and nothing else pretty much. Well on Saturday dh decides to finally get dd's new airconditioner up in her window. So I mentioned again (since he was going to that side of the house) about the squirrels. Now mind you this is a side of the house that we have not re-done because we are still undecided about extended the back. Well.... this is what we found!

They were eating right through the house and nesting! All the noises were them actually in the outer beams of the walls. They even ate a through vinyl siding patch he put up there about 7 weeks ago. Pretty amazing! So now everything is patched up and I've been able to sleep a little later in the morning.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th!

WOOOOOOO..... I think we get 2 Friday the 13th's a year. I'm not really supersticious when it comes to that. I know a lot of people that are, but to me... it's just another day.

I can't believe that I'm such a slacker the last week. It has been a pretty wacky and crazy week here to say the least. And the same goes for the weather here.

Last week (Thursday) my doctors decided to put me on a new medicine. Well.... lets just say that it kicked me in the behind. Of course they warned me that it might have that effect on me for the first week or two, but I was not really prepared for it. I just couldn't do a thing. I really didn't want to function, all I wanted to do was sleep! Well, sleep is what I did.

This morning I woke up feeling a little peppy! I'm not going to start jumping through hoops or anything like that any time soon, believe me, but it does feel good to be walking around and doing something. I'm actually thinking about going down to the scraproom and attempting to do something. I'm not sure what at this moment, but hopefully something will spark. I haven't been down there in weeks and have got nothing done at all. I'm baffled as to why I'm in such a rut. Hopefully, this will be the end of that rut.

As for the weekend, we have no plans at all. This is a big surprise and relief since the last 3 weekends we've been on the go none stop. It will be nice to just relax this weekend at home. Maybe I will BBQ tomorrow, we'll see how I'm feeling.
I hope everyone has a TERRIFIC weekend. Hopefully, I will have a layout or 2 to post.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Big Surprise

I was completely surprised and amazed this afternoon when I got on here and started checking out some of my favorite blogs. Janet-Of cats and cardstock- mentioned my blog on her blog. Wow.... Does this make me a Rockin' Girl Blogger? I would never think that I am. Really, what do I post about??? Mostly my boring life and of course dh, and the kids and then there is Lacey when I remember. Ok... every once and a while I actually have a great photo to share with everyone, but does that qualify me as a Rockin' Girl Blogger? I just want to thank Janet for this. It surely brightened up my day. It is funny, I went to tell my dh about this and he was just dumbfounded. He was like what is a blog? Need I say Clueless!
Now I'm not sure, but as Janet had stated on her blog, she picked 5 of her favorite blogs so I guess I will do the same.
{ A Life So Simple}- Great everyday post's, very motivating, great scrapbooking, arts N crafts, and some of the best photos
strawberry fields forever- Awesome photos, receipes, layouts, and just an overall great, fun blog
A Life - Unrehearsed- Very inspirational, motivating, encouraging and educational blog
...grazing in the meadow of creativity!!- A wonderful, down to earth blog! Great photos
Colour Therapy-Love the great posts, photos, and encouragement
Go check them out if you haven't already!
Today is my BEST Friends Birthday! Isn't she the lucky one...... 777! That is like my favorite #. It is hard being so far away from each other on our B' Days and holidays. Next year for our 45th we are meeting (my B'day is 6/7 hers 7/7) June 22nd and having a 3 days girls alone time. I think we decided to meet in Maryland which will be nice at that time of the year. We will see. I should post a photo of her, but I have to find them. lol she will kill me if I post one.
Oh, well.. I am off to go find a babyshower gift for a shower that is tomorrow. Nothing like waiting for the last minute. I just haven't felt like doing anything. I did watch Wimbeldon today. Today was the Ladies Finals and Venus Williams won. I was rooting for her and now the men are playing for the semi-finals. Roger Federer has won his match and now Rafael Nadal is playing. I hope he wins it. Ok.. I'm really done now. Have a great weekend.

Friday, July 06, 2007

What a 4th

I really don't have much to post here. Our 4th was a very crummy day. It was probably the worst weather we've had on the 4th in ohhh about 20 years here on Long Island. We had very cold, damp and wet weather for most of the day and then about 6pm came all the torential rain! Horrible. We did still manage shoot off fireworks in between the rain sessions and then I gave up at about 11pm when the thunder started.

We had to give Lacey a tranquilizer so she wouldn't freak out, but I gave it to her at about 8pm when everything was really starting to go off. Well, it must've been to large of a dose for her and she was almost comatose for the entire night and half the day yesterday. I was scared to death. I stayed up with her the entire night just watching her breathe and hand feeding small morsels of food to keep her strength up. That was the scariest thing for me. I thought to myself OMG I've killed my baby. Thank goodness when I called the vet yesterday morning I wasn't the only who apparently gave too much to there dog and they said to watch her she should be fine. I only gave her 1/2 of her pill, but it was just too much for her little body to handle so the vet said they will lower her dose for next year. I was like, I'm not even going to give it to her next year.I'll just put all the tv's and radios on full blast and put her down stairs where you don't really hear much.

Since the weather has been so crappy here the last week, it has knocked me for a loop! I've been in horrible pain and just can't function. We are going to experiment with some new meds and hopefully that will do the trick. Other than that I really haven't been able to do much. I have no ambition to do anything or even go downstairs to scrap. Lord knows that I have a ton to catch up on, but it's not happening.

ok... getting off here for now. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Beach or Pool??

hmmmmm. This is the 2 peas challenge for today: With summer here and alot of kids out of school. Let's share if we like to go to the beach or city pool more? Share one of your favorite summer beach/pool pics with us as well. I think I would have to say BEACH! I lived the first half of my life in West Palm Beach, FL. You drove down by the beach, parked your car, then walked about 40-50 ft to the water! Gotta love that. When I moved up here (insert *sigh*), I went to the beach the first time and I had to walk about 1 mile from the car to the water! I was not going to be doing that again. Since then.... We take the boat out when we want to be on the beach and we will anchor her up over by our Favorite spot Sore Thumb. Now, if I had to choose between the beach or my back yard pool.... it would have to be my backyard! I don't have to pack extra clothes, a cooler, lunches etc. NO SAND!

Here are some of my favorite beach photos:

Sunday, July 01, 2007


is golden in this house. I can't believe that it is so quite here this morning. Shannon stayed with her boyfriend last night, so she is not here yelling at the top of lungs about something. DJ stayed at a friends last night and won't be home til' this afternoon to change for a graduation party. So he is not here banging the pots, pans, drawers, cabinets or anything else that he needs to get into to make his usual Sunday breakfast. Then there is Joseph..... still sleeping! That one can sleep until 12 noon. It is just peaceful here right now and I'm going to take it all in because I'm sure it will end shortly when Shannon comes home in a little while.
I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday.
To all the Canadian's ... Happy Canada Day! Enjoy.