Sunday, February 01, 2009

Superbowl Sunday

To be honest with you I do not follow this sport at all anymore. When I was younger, yes, I did. Since the age of about 22 I completely lost interest in it along with a few other sports that use to follow like hockey, and baseball. Now I only follow scholastic wrestling and I'm still a big fan of tennis. I can't play either to save my life, but I truly enjoy them both.

Speaking of Tennis... Did anyone watch the Austrialian Open? Thank goodness for DVR and then ESPN for the repeat coverage during our hours. Last night (or today since Austrialia is 16 hours ahead of us) was the men's finals. What a battle! I could not believe that Nadal won over Federer. Nadal just has gotten so much better with each match he plays in. As for the Women's finals... Serena Williams walked away with this title over Danaria Safina. It was a pretty easy final for Serena.

On to Wrestling. DJ was coaching a group of the Kid Wrestlers today in a tournament. I decided to show up and take some photos of the boys on the mat. It was so cute to see the little guys sparing on the mats. It's not like the older guys. The little ones don't really give up and seem to fight to the bitter end. My High School team this year has a few kids that would prefer not to use their energy. The minute they get turned on their backs they stop fighting to get out of that position and seem to just give up.

Here is a photo of DJ coaching along with a few of the other coaches for the team. He's all the way on the left
Now the 2 peas challenge for today is: Describe a color in one word (without using the color's name)...... JUICY This is a great challenge. I like to think of things like this.


Heather said...

I think it's great that DJ is doing some coaching. It's wonderful when kids as talented as he is in a sport share their experience with younger children. That is a true role model!
Is your color orange???

Noelia said...

That's great that DJ is coaching the little ones. He's such a good young man Lynn! And I didn't watch the superbowl either, I can't stand football but love to watch tennis but don't follow it at all. I do like to watch Nadal play because he's so talented.

Sherri said...

Thanks for the positive thoughts you left over at my blog. The day did get better and the whole circle of life thing came into play. We've got a new nephew or niece on the way.

I didn't watch the game either. I should have used the time to do some scrapping but vegged with a book instead LOL That's neat that DJ is coaching...that should be a rewarding experience for him.